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Most Popular Betting Markets for Cricket

Knowing the sports markets, you bet on is essential. It allows you to vary your game and therefore have more possibilities available to increase your winnings.

Down we wrote and explained some of the most typical markets proposed by cricket sports betting sites and also provided some examples and suggestions for their correct use.

Winning match

The market known as the Match Winner is the most classic one: it is a question of choosing which of the two teams will win the match, bearing in mind that, depending on the version of cricket being played, the draw option may or may not be present.

Best hitter on the team

The type of bet that goes by the name of the best hitter of the team requires the bettor to guess which player manages to score the most points in his or her turn.

Best pitcher of the team

The Team Pitcher Market has basically the same thing as the Team Pitcher Market, but in terms of pitching rounds. The difference, however, is that if all players on the team are forced to take the bat, only a small number of them will also play in the pitching rounds.

Higher number of run outs

The bet option known as the Most Run Outs requires the bettor to guess which of the two teams will most often perform this type of action during their throwing rounds during the game. A run out occurs when the ball hits the wicket when one of the two batters is running out of the crease.

In a cricket match between Sri Lanka and South Africa, there is a market where you can choose the best hitter from a list of 15 players per line-up. You can combine the best Sri Lankan hitter, for example Karunaratne, with the best hitter in South Africa, for instance, Amla. If both hitters are the best, your bet will win. This market can significantly increase the final share of your bet slip, similar to the Football Yes/No Scorer market.

How to Bet Online on Cricket

It is very easy today to place bets on cricket online. If you follow our simple step-by-step guide, you can place your first sports bet on your favorite cricket match in just a few minutes.

Total time required: 10 minutes

  • Find Trusted Arabic Casino

    Step 1 - Choose One of the Top Bookmakers

    If you want to place sports bets, you must first decide on a provider that meets your requirements. In the list above you will find an overview of the best bookmakers for cricket betting.
  • Register Casino Account

    Step 2 - Create Your Betting Account

    As a new customer, you must create a betting account. You can then use this account to claim bonus offers and deposit money into the account for betting.
  • Make Deposit

    Step 3 - Deposit the First Betting Balance

    For placing bets, you need to have money in your account. There are many different payment methods available to you at the best bookmakers.
  • Enter Details

    Step 4 - Decide on a Cricket Game

    There might be an interesting cricket match on that you can place live bets right away. Alternatively, you can bet on upcoming game early on.
  • Claim the Bonus

    Step 5 - Place a Bet

    When you have decided on a cricket game you can place a bet with your preferred stake.
  • Start Betting

    Step 6 - Join the Excitement Live

    For most cricket games, the current result is displayed live at the betting provider. Therefore, when the game is in progress, not only can you follow live how your bet is doing, but you can also adjust your bet in real time and place new live bets.

Cricket History

This sport derives from an old sport called stoolball and in the 17th century the English nobility began to adopt more cricket as a real sport and it is mutating into what it is today.

Cricket is one of the popular sports in England, ranking fourth after football, rugby and tennis. Cricket has existed and played in England since the 17th century and has slowly gained prominence in the different classes of the country. It is believed that the game originated in southeastern counties, where it was known by the name of cricket. At first it was probably nothing more than fun for children: one theory suggests that the origins of this game are linked to the way in which the English shepherds defended their flock, namely by throwing stones at the thieves. Since the sixteenth century, with the rapidly growing British Empire, many expatriates took the game with them to distant places such as Australia, Africa, the Caribbean and India. Cricket was becoming international: a first-class match never played in India came in 1864 between Madras and Calcutta.

Cricket was once an Olympic sport, but it ended up leaving the program because it didn’t have all the rules well defined and the number of professionals in the world wasn’t big enough. They are currently looking to include it again, mainly as a show sport (without medals) but it is still unclear when they will do so.

The international body that governs the discipline is the International Cricket Council (ICC), founded on June 15, 1909 by England, Australia and South Africa, located in London since its birth but which moved to Dubai in August 2005 in the United Arab Emirates.

Play and the Rules of Cricket

The game of cricket is somewhat complex and very different from any other sport, it has very specific rules and their style of play too, although some argue that it is like baseball in some degree.

Cricket Ground

Each team consists of 11 players and the field does not have a defined size, having only as a requirement to be wide.

Its shape is oval and has 3 zones:

  • Rectangle – There are two zones. A central area and two ends (which have an “H”). In the central area of the rectangle are 2 Batting Strikers, who have a cricket block. At the lower end is the thrower and at the upper end is the catcher for catching the balls.
  • Inner Space and Outer Space – Here the 11 defenses of the team to be defended are distributed.
Goal of the game and positioning

Each Attacker stands in front of his “catcher” and while he is waiting for the ball to be sent by him to the Thrower the other Attacker is waiting to run.

After the ball is thrown, the attacker will try to hit the ball as much as possible, and the following situations can occur:

  • If the ball leaves the court in the air, score 6 points.
  • If the ball leaves the court, but has already hit the ground, score 4 points.
  • If the ball is folded and still remains in the field, the scouts can score in the same change of positions as many times as possible. When a defender manages to catch the ball and sends it to the receiver, as soon as he receives the ball, he can no longer change. Each trade is worth point 1.

The defense distribution is 2 players near the rectangle (the thrower and the catcher), 4 in the inner space and 5 in the outer space.

How to get rid of the batter

There are several ways to do this, these being:

  • Catcher Drop by Launcher – The thrower to take the shot will have the balance and will end up doing so in the line at the end of the rectangle. If he can hit and knock down one of the catcher sticks after the ball is put back once on the ground, the Scout is eliminated.
  • Flyball – As in baseball, if after the Beater sends the ball, a defense can do it before it hits the ground, then the Beater is out.
  • Catcher Drop for Defense – If after hitter hit the ball away and start making exchanges with the other hitter to score points, if a defense to catch the ball sending away and hit and knock down one of the catcher sticks or arrange the catcher defense and this to pour over.
  • Defend with your knee – If the batter defends the ball with the knee to prevent the catcher from being slammed, the batter will be eliminated.
How the Game Ends

In the game it is a number defined by overs innings (starting) and a certain number of games (one or two). Over 6 releases are followed by one player. After being joined by these Over team or being able to eliminate or scout 10 10 overthrow catcher 10 times the game ends and the team that was about to attack defend and vice versa.

Fun and Interesting Facts About Cricket

Cricket is said to have originated in England. Since they used to raise sheep, the grass was so short that a piece of wool could be rolled on it and used as a ball.

The first recorded game was played in 1646, and later fines were imposed on those who did not go to church to play.

In the 1760s, throwing a ball through the air was considered normal, so the shape of the bat changed from curved too straight.

The longest cricket match took place in 1939 between England and South Africa, and after 14 days it ended in a draw.

A cricket match was once abandoned because a pig ran across the field. It is even considered legal to suspend play if an animal enters the field.

100 runs batsman score, is called a century and is considered an achievement.

Only one player can run at a time. Normally the referee is left to decide.

A cricket match has two umpires on the field and one off the field.

Despite being a team game, individuals are stressed and under pressure.

The two most common reasons a cricket match is stopped or abandoned are rain and bad light.


Is It legal to Bet on Sports Online in UAE?

In UAE sports betting online is not allowed, as is any other form of betting.

Is Cricket Easy to Bet on?

Yes. Match Betting is the best way to bet. It is straightforward, as you only have to pick from three different outcomes.


Why Do They Call it Cricket?

The name came from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘cricc’, meaning a shepherd’s staff.

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