Your Ultimate Guide On How To Play Video Poker

Video poker game represents a jackpot-winning casino game that everyone can play, whether you are a beginner or an experienced poker player. It is similar to slot games because you still have the chance of hitting a big jackpot, but you’re about five times more likely actually to get it.

Here, our experts will focus only on teaching you how to play video poker. You will learn the basic rules, how to win, and some essential strategies you need to know as a new video poker player. And don’t worry, learning how to play poker takes no time at all.

Basic Rules Of Video Poker In Online Casino

In online casinos, you will find many different types of video poker, including Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, and Double Bonus Poker. However, they all work pretty much the same way.

Let’s walk through the basic rules of video poker to ensure everything is crystal clear at the very beginning.

When you choose a preferred video poker game and enter it, first, you need to insert your coin value and choose between one to five coins (you do this on the paytable or click the button “bet one” or the button “max coins”) to place your wager.

Once that’s done, the video screen displays five cards, and your goal is to create the best possible poker hand from these cards.

Because it’s a draw game, you have one chance to improve your hand. You can choose to replace anywhere from one to all five cards from your original hand if you wish. If you’re content with your initial cards, you can keep them by pressing those cards.

After selecting your cards, you hit the deal/draw button, and the game will provide you with new cards instead of the ones you discarded. The game will then pay you based on the final hand you end up with, as per the payout schedule shown on the screen.

Naturally, the stronger your poker hand, the larger your payout will be. And once your winnings have been paid, you can start the game again.

Understanding Poker Hand Rankings

In order to understand even better how a video poker game works, it is crucial to know the hierarchy of hand rankings. The strength of your hand determines your payout but remember that this varies from game to game, and the game’s paytable covers all of this information. Here our experts have singled out a list of hand rankings in our top-rated video poker casino online sites, arranged from the most powerful to the least:

Royal Flush

The most exceptional hand comprising an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10, all of the same suit (hearts or spades).

Straight Flush

A sequence of five consecutive cards (5, 6, 7, 8, 9) all sharing the same suit. The sequence can start from any card.

Full House

This hand includes three cards of one rank and two of another (three Aces and two 6s).


Comprising five cards of the same suit, these cards don’t need to be in a particular order. K♣ 10♣ 7♣ 6♣ 4♣S


A straight consists of five cards in sequential order ( 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), even if they have different suits.

Pair (Jacks or Better)

This means you have a pair of Jacks, Queens, Kings, or Aces. Generally, a pair of cards lower than Jacks doesn’t usually count as a winning hand in most video poker games.

Two Pair

When your hand contains two cards with the same rank or face (two 2s and two 3s).

Four of a Kind

When you hold four cards of the same rank or face value (four Queens or four 2s).

Three of a Kind

A simple hand with three cards of the same rank or face (three 3s).

What Is A Video Poker Paytable

A video poker paytable is a table with specific numbers that represent how much each poker hand is valued.

In most games, paytables are the same, but there are still some video poker games that have higher or even lower values for hands. That is why it is important to choose a game with a good paytable.

In order to better understand what is higher or lower value for hands, let’s say you’re comparing two poker paytables. In the first table, a full house pays 9 coins, and a flush pays 6 coins. In the second table, those same hands pay 8 and 5 coins. If you opt for the second game with the 8 and 5 payouts, you’ll deplete your funds more quickly, and your chances of winning will be reduced. So, it’s generally a less favorable choice.


Typically, the paytable lists the payouts for various hands, such as a pair of jacks, two pairs, three of a kind, a straight, a flush, a full house, four of a kind, a straight flush, and a royal flush. The payout amounts are usually shown for different bet levels, often with separate columns for one, two, three, four, and five coins.

If you want to choose the best paytable there is a general rule, a “full pay” or “9/6” Jacks or Better paytable, where a full house pays 9 coins and a flush pays 6 coins when betting one coin. This is often considered a good paytable to aim for. However, you can always try Deuces Wild or Double Bonus Poker, since they have their own unique paytable.

To determine your potential winnings for a specific hand, you can consult the paytable and match your hand to the corresponding payout based on the number of coins you’ve bet.

Understanding the paytable is crucial for video poker strategy, as it helps you make informed decisions about which cards to hold and which to discard in pursuit of the best possible payout.

Now that you know what a video poker paytable is, we will show you what it looks like.


As you can see on the leftmost column of the table are names of card hands, from the strongest to the weakest.

Next to the card hand names, you will notice five columns and each of them presents the value of card hands. If you choose a 1 coin bet, then the winnings you gain from those hands will be small, but so will your losses. However, if you choose the 5 coin bet, you will see the maximum payouts, but also have the largest bet size.


Types of Bets That Can Help You In Winning In Video Poker

If you want to be better at video poker games, we suggest you understand the types of bets because they can influence your winnings. No matter if you’re going to start with small bets or aim for the top payouts, understanding your betting options can make a significant difference.

Our experts created the following list to explore the most common types of bets you can make when playing video poker:

  • Single Coin Wager

    This represents the smallest possible wager in video poker, signifying that you’re betting just one unit or coin. The payout for a successful hand reaches a single coin bet.

  • Multiple Coin Wager

    In the majority of video poker games, you have the option to bet more than one coin simultaneously, typically up to a maximum of five coins. The payout for a winning hand is directly proportional to the number of coins wagered, except for a Royal Flush in a maximum coin bet, where the payout substantially increases.

  • Maximum Coin Wager

    This is the largest bet in video poker, typically involving five coins. As previously mentioned, the payout for a Royal Flush at maximum bet is often disproportionately higher, making this bet potentially the most lucrative option in the long term, despite higher associated risk.

Strategies On How to Play Video Poker for Beginners

Now that you know the basic rules of video poker, how to play it, and what this game consists of, it is time for our experts to give you a couple of important strategies that will get you playing your best possible game and help your skills and bankroll to go further online.

Our experts have listed a couple of essential tips that have made all the difference in their gameplay and which could help you learn how to win the video poker jackpot. And if you want to become a more advanced player, you should discover a winning video poker strategy created by our video poker experts.

Learn more about the ranking system

Familiarize yourself with the ranking system specific to the variant you’re engaged in; otherwise, you might find yourself pursuing a hand with no worthwhile payout.

Maximize your potential

Maximize your potential by wagering the highest coin count to secure the total value of a royal flush, often 800 to 1, rather than settling for the lesser 250 to 1 return associated with lower bets.

Look at the paytables

Before starting play, look at the paytables carefully, as they can influence your decision-making, such as whether to discard a second pair in pursuit of a more substantial hand or not.

Find video poker game with superior odds

Find a video poker game variant that offers superior odds, even if it necessitates some practice upfront. This approach should ultimately result in less impact on your bankroll over time.

Look for the high payout percentages

The percentage shows you the amount, on average, a casino pays out. A 98% payout percentage means that $98 is paid out for every $100 wagered. Remember, this figure is for the online casino overall, and you will not get 98% back on an individual bet you make. But it is still a good idea to look out for the online casino that has a higher rate.

Research the bonus offers and terms and conditions

Always research the bonus offers and read the terms and conditions in online casinos. It’s always a good idea to go through the casino site’s bonus requirements before you join. If you don’t have the time to do this, you can count on our experts to point you in the right direction for those offers relevant to video poker.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Play Video Poker In Online Casinos

This step-by-step guide made by our video poker experts on how to play video poker for beginners shows how simple it is to start playing video poker at an online casino.

Even though there are different video poker variants, the patterns are the same, so you just need to follow the same steps more or less for all of them.

  • Select your online casino

    The first thing you should do is to find an online casino that will be suitable for you. If you don’t know where to look and which one to choose, we recommend our best video poker casino online sites where you can expect only the best casino experience.

  • Select your video poker game

    After you choose the casino site and create your account, the next step in playing video poker involves selecting your preferred game type. With around nine different video poker variations available, each game has its unique set of video poker rules. However, these variations have the same focus: you aim to build your best hand, similar to traditional poker.

  • Practice

    Before you start with playing with real money, practice on your skills and knowledge of video poker by playing demo versions of this game. In this way you will check yourself and will be able to see if you are really ready for real money games.

  • Select your Paytable

    Once you are ready for real play, and choose your preferred game, you need to choose your pay table and educate yourself about its specific rules. The pay table summarizes the winning hand combinations and their corresponding payouts. After determining your chosen paytable and rules, the basic gameplay remains the same.

  • Select your Bet

    Now, select your desired wager amount using the ‘bet up’ and ‘bet down’ buttons. You have the option to start your video poker session with a minimum bet of $0.10, and the maximum wager can reach up to $100. Careful with choosing your bet, as it directly influences your potential winnings.

  • Start Playing

    Once you’ve chosen your wager, simply click on the ‘deal’ button to initiate the game and receive your initial hand. From there, select the cards you wish to retain and discard the ones you’d like to replace. Finally, click on ‘draw’ to receive fresh cards.

Our Top Picks: Online Casinos With The Best Video Poker Games

Finally you are ready to start your journey with playing video poker games. Since sometimes it is hard to find the proper video poker game, we asked our experts to select two types of online casino sites that offer the best video poker games.

Real Money Casinos

When it comes to playing for real money online, trust is important. These real money online casinos not only offer a wide array of video poker games but also ensure that your financial transactions are secure and your gaming experience is fair. If you’re seeking a reliable platform to test your skills and luck in the world of real money video poker, look no further and visit our trusted real money casinos online.


Fast Payout Casinos
New Online Casinos

If you are a player who is looking to explore the latest and most exciting online casino options, then new online casino sites are for you. These casinos not only provide a diverse selection of video poker games but also create a welcoming and culturally sensitive environment for players in the Arab region. If you’re searching for cutting-edge platforms with innovative features, bonuses, and top-notch video poker, our recommendations are our best new internet casinos for Arab players.


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How can I win in video poker?

While there’s no guaranteed formula for winning, you can certainly improve your odds by adopting a well-crafted online video poker strategy that’s tailored to the specific variant you’re playing.

Can I play online video poker for free?

Absolutely! Almost all online casino and video poker sites offer practice money versions of their games, allowing you to train yourself with the game without risking your bankroll. Some operators even provide free video poker games and statistical commentary to help you make informed decisions.

What's the best video poker game to play?

If you are a beginner, we recommend starting with Jacks or Better to be a good starting point, as it’s the most commonly played variant. However, many players transition to Deuces Wild. Ultimately, your preference plays a significant role, and you may discover a different variant that resonates with you more than these options.

How does video poker work?

In video poker, you begin by placing your bet, after which the game randomly deals you five cards from a standard 52-card deck, forming your initial hand. You aim to select which cards to retain, seeking to create the most favorable poker hand. Once you’ve made your choices, the discarded cards are replaced with new ones. The game then sets your final hand against the pay table to determine any winnings.

Which cards should I hold in video poker?

The cards you should hold depend on your initial hand and the specific game variation you’re playing. In general, we advise to retain cards that contribute to a winning hand or have the potential to form a higher-ranking hand after the draw.

Is it preferable to retain a low pair or a high card in video poker?

It’s wiser to keep a low pair over a single high card. A pair has the potential to transform into Three of a Kind, a Full House, or Four of a Kind, while a single high card only contributes to a High Pair or a High Straight.

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