Online Roulette Strategies - Our Expert Guide For Online Casino Beginners

Online roulette is one of the easiest casino games to play and has relatively basic rules. Learning how to play this game doesn’t require any special skills. Even if you are completely new to the world of online gambling, online roulette is an available option.

However, winning in online roulette requires knowledge of specific strategies, as they play a crucial role in improving your gameplay and giving you an edge over other players.

In this guide created by our experts, we will cover everything you need to know about roulette online strategies. This includes understanding general strategies, exploring advanced techniques, choosing the most effective winning strategies, and finding the best platforms to practice and eventually play the online roulette game.

Do You Need To Know Strategies In Online Roulette?

Online roulette is mostly a game of chance, where luck often plays a key role in determining the outcome. Like most casino games, predicting the exact result in roulette is challenging. However, despite this unpredictability, you can improve your chances of winning by using online roulette strategies.

Understanding and using strategies in online roulette can significantly improve your overall experience and increase the chance of success. While the game is straightforward with basic rules, mastering specific strategies can give you a valuable edge.

These strategies go beyond chance and luck, allowing you to make informed decisions based on probabilities and patterns. Whether it’s getting general tactics or delving into advanced techniques, including a strategic approach to online roulette not only refines gameplay but also positions you to make more calculated bets, potentially leading to more substantial wins.

So, knowing and implementing strategies in online roulette can transform you from a casual player into a more skillful and strategic player with bigger chances to win. And while playing without using these strategies is possible, our experts strongly advise against it. Doing so may waste time and money, as strategic gameplay proves to be a key factor in optimizing your online roulette experience.

General Online Roulette Strategies That Will Help You Win

Now that you understand the importance of strategies in enhancing your gameplay in online roulette, let’s begin with the general ones. These strategies are designed to help you grasp the optimal steps to take in the game. Our experts have compiled a list of ten easy-to-remember roulette online strategies, providing you with valuable insights for a more informed and strategic approach.

Preparation is key: Practice for free before wagering real money

Before you start playing in real-money online casinos, it’s wise to sharpen your skills through free practice sessions. This not only allows you to refine your gameplay but also provides an ideal opportunity to test various online roulette strategies without risking your money. If you want to practice your skills and find out how to play roulette online, you should try our top online casinos that offer free roulette play.

Master the table dynamics: Study rules, bet types, and odds

Unlocking the secrets of roulette, including its strategies, begins with a complete understanding of the roulette table. Learn the game’s difficulties to understand the diverse bets available, how each strategy aligns with these options, and discover the odds of different roulette bets. This will help you to create a foundation for informed decision-making, empowering you to navigate the roulette wheel confidently.

Strategize for longevity: Opt for smaller bets

To extend the excitement of your roulette experience, you need to adopt a simple yet effective tactic—opting for smaller bets. This approach prolongs your gaming session and allows you to experiment with different roulette online strategies without fearing prematurely draining your bankroll.

Don't play Black and Red

While selecting red or black includes one of roulette’s outside bets, relying only on this as a strategy is a delusion that won’t cause long-term profits. Focus on comprehensive strategies that better color preferences for more strategic and profitable gameplay.

Maximize Wins with Outside Bets: Stick to Odds/Even, Red/Black, and High/Low

Concentrate on outside bets in roulette to optimize your chances of success and minimize risk. Placing bets on odds/even, red/black, and high/low categories provides nearly a 50 percent chance of winning each bet. These outside bets, offering a 1:1 payout, are the ideal starting point for you if you are a beginner and have a solid foundation for a successful roulette strategy.

Take advantage of casino bonuses

Depending on your location and the available online casinos, take advantage of bonuses when you sign up. Seek out no deposit bonuses, allowing you to explore online roulette without risking your own funds. This strategic approach improves your gaming experience while minimizing financial risks.

Mix outside bets with combinations

While favoring outside bets, putting variety into your strategy with combination bets can lead to bigger wins. Experiment with split bets, corner bets, and line bets to diversify your gameplay and potentially increase your winnings in online roulette.

Take regular breaks

Avoid long gaming sessions and ensure a healthy balance to maintain focus and enjoyment.

Accept losses and set limits

We’re all familiar with the fact that losing is the most challenging aspect of the game, producing a sense of disappointment like no other. It’s common for many players, particularly beginners, to attempt to recoup their losses by investing even more. But, chasing losses with increasingly larger bets is counterproductive. Instead, establish and stick to a betting limit that aligns with your financial comfort.

Advanced Online Roulette Strategies Chosen By Our Experts

In addition to the general online roulette strategies, it’s also important to explore the advanced ones, understand their strengths, and be aware of potential challenges. Our experts have singled out the best strategies that can help you improve your winnings, and your only job is to find a roulette strategy that’s right for you and your gameplay.

The Martingale Strategy

The Martingale Strategy stands out as one of the most favored betting approaches in gambling. Roulette players are attracted to the simplicity of this strategy, making it an attractive choice for players worldwide.

At its core, the strategy operates on a clear principle: Following each loss, you double your bet in the next round. This repetitive pattern ensures that a single win will recover all previous losses and leave you with a profit equivalent to your initial bet.

However, it’s essential to approach the Martingale cautiously, as the rapid escalation of your bets can become unmanageable if a win isn’t achieved within a few spins. Let’s say you start with a $5 bet on each spin. You have three rounds, and on the third, you win. This is what it would look like.

  • Round: 1, Your Bet: 5$ on Even, Outcome: Lose.
  • Round: 2, Your Bet: 10$ on Even, Outcome: Lose.
  • Round: 3, Your Bet: 20$ on Even, Outcome: Win.
  • Final Result: Profit: 5$

While the Martingale strategy may provide a mask of a safety net, it demands careful consideration. Always initiate the procedure with the lowest acceptable bet and carefully monitor its progression as you navigate the unpredictable twists of roulette.

Grand Martingale Roulette Strategy

Many players turn to the Grand Martingale system to outsmart roulette online, considering it a robust variant of the conventional Martingale strategy.

The Grand Martingale operates on the same basic principles as the Martingale but with a boosted effect, or as our experts call it: Martingale on steroids. The main feature is adding an extra amount equal to your initial bet every time you double your wager.

If you listen to our advice to start with the minimum bet, be aware that the progression requires always doubling your losing bet and tacking on an additional minimum bet on top of that.

Below, you can see an example of this strategy:

  • Bet Number: 1, Amount: 3$, Spin Outcome: Lose.
  • Bet Number: 2, Amount: 3$X2+3$, Spin Outcome: Lose.
  • Bet Number: 3, Amount: 9$x2+3$, Spin Outcome: Lose.
  • Bet Number: 4, Amount: 21$X2+3$, Spin Outcome: Lose.
  • Bet Number: 5, Amount: 45$X2+3$, Spin Outcome: Lose.

The cycle continues in this manner. With each loss, you double the previous bet and add one more minimum bet to the total. The goal is to recover losses and secure a profit when a winning bet eventually occurs.

The Reverse Martingale Strategy

The Reverse Martingale Strategy operates in direct contrast to the traditional Martingale strategy. Here, your bet size is doubled after each win and reduced to the minimum amount following a loss. Therefore, during a winning streak, you boost your bets, while in moments of losing, you reduce potential losses by minimizing your wager. Below you can see the example:

  • Round: 1, Your Bet: 5$ on Black, Spin Outcome: Win.
  • Round: 2, Your Bet: 10$ on Black, Spin Outcome: Win.
  • Round: 3, Your Bet: 20$ on Black, Spin Outcome: Lose.
  • Round: 4, Your Bet: 5$ on Black, Spin Outcome: Win.
  • Round: 5, Your Bet: 10$ on Black, Spin Outcome: Win.
  • Final Result: Profit: 10$.

The D'Alembert Betting Strategy

The D’Alembert betting strategy is a widely used system in online roulette, belonging to the category of negative progression betting. In this system, you increase your bet size after each loss and reduce it following a win.

The basic concept behind the D’Alembert strategy is to balance out losses and wins over time by betting more when experiencing losses and less when securing a win.

For example, you begin by selecting your initial bet amount—let’s say $5. After a losing bet, you will increase your next wager by a specified amount, for instance, $1. And if you win, you will decrease your wager by the same predetermined amount after a winning bet.

The strategy’s premise is rooted in the idea that a win is more likely to follow a loss. Hence, players aim to capitalize on this trend by escalating the bet after a loss. Conversely, when faced with a loss, the strategy dictates a reduction in the bet size to soften potential losses.

Here’s a practical example to illustrate the application of the D’Alembert strategy:

  • Round: 1, Your Bet: 5$ on Even, Spin Outcome: Lose.
  • Round: 2, Your Bet: 6$ on Even, Spin Outcome: Lose.
  • Round: 3, Your Bet: 7$ on Black, Spin Outcome: Win.
  • Round: 4, Your Bet: 6$ on Black, Spin Outcome: Win.
  • Round: 5, Your Bet: 5$ on Black, Spin Outcome: Win.
  • Final Result: Profit: 7$.

The Fibonacci Strategy

The Fibonacci strategy works based on the mathematical sequence of 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144. In this system, you bet an amount equal to the number you are currently on in the sequence.

When faced with a loss, you progress to the following number in the sequence and bet the corresponding amount. If you win on a number, it moves you back down the sequence of two numbers.

The strategy concludes when you return to the initial number in the sequence. It’s important to note that the effectiveness of the Fibonacci strategy depends on the availability of an unlimited bankroll and the absence of betting limits.

The James Bond strategy

The James Bond strategy is a favored choice among beginners, especially when played on a European roulette wheel. This strategy minimizes potential losses, as you only lose if the ball lands on a number between 1 and 12.

The strategy involves placing specific bets simultaneously on a single spin, using a $20 stake in this instance:

  • $1 on the zero
  • $14 on the 19-36 box
  • $5 on the 13-18 box

This method spreads your total wager across various bets, covering a significant portion of the table. It includes an even-money high bet, a double street bet, and a bet on 0 for insurance purposes.

While this strategy covers over a third of the table, it’s crucial to note that it risks losing if the ball lands on numbers 1 to 12. The James Bond strategy is best suited for high-roller players with the financial capacity to place large bets consistently.

The Labouchere Strategy

The Labouchere strategy might seem a bit tricky at first, but it’s easy to get the hang of, and it can be a good option if you don’t want to use the Martingale technique. Here’s how it works:

First, you need to set your winning goal. Decide how much you want to win and break that number into a bunch of smaller numbers that add up to your total. It’s recommended to use even numbers.

After that, you make your first bet. Your initial bet is the sum of the leftmost and rightmost numbers in your sequence. If you win, cross off both numbers and move inward on the sequence. If you lose, add the total of your first bet to the rightmost end of the sequence and start over.

It’s best to use this strategy on even-money bets like red/black or odd/even to help recover any losses you might have. Remember that despite a goal, you’ll need either a strict budget or the ability to bet unlimited amounts, as adding losing amounts to your list can become expensive over time.

Learn How to Choose the Best Winning Online Roulette Strategies

By now, you have learned that there are many roulette strategies to choose from when you’re playing online roulette. Sometimes, choosing the right one for you can be challenging, especially if you are a beginner. That is why our experts wanted to help you and teach you how to choose the best winning online roulette strategies.

The first step is to categorize online roulette strategies into distinct groups. These groups typically include:

Progressive Roulette Strategy

A progressive roulette strategy involves increasing your bet size with each round. Before playing, ensure your bankroll can handle the rising bets, as this approach comes with more risk. Some well-known strategies in this category include Martingale, Fibonacci, and D’Alembert.

Non-Progressive Roulette Strategy

On the other hand, non-progressive strategies are simpler to learn and apply to your game, though they still carry some risks. In a nutshell, a non-progressive roulette strategy means you bet the same amount every round. This approach can be handy if you’re working with a limited bankroll or want to control your bets more effectively.

After you learn which online roulette strategies exist, you can ask yourself a couple of questions in order to realize what you really want to achieve from this casino game. You can ask yourself:

  • How experienced am I playing online roulette?
  • How much am I playing with? Is it a safe amount or an amount I can afford to lose?
  • Why am I playing roulette online? Am I playing to improve my skills or to try to make some money?

After answering these questions, you can go back to the section on general and advanced online roulette strategies, go through them again, and choose the ones that suit your gameplay the most.

Be Careful Of Factors That Can Affect Roulette Betting Strategy​

Determining the ideal betting strategy for your roulette game involves considering several key factors. These elements include the game’s betting limits, the type of roulette in play, and the nature of the bets you intend to place.

In this part of our roulette strategy guide, we will examine these factors to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what to consider when developing your roulette strategy.

Roulette Betting Limits

When selecting your roulette strategy, it’s crucial to factor in the minimum and maximum bet limits relevant to the game. Ensure that these limits align with the strategy you aim to employ. For instance, if you opt for the Progressive Roulette Strategy, remember that the maximum bet limit may constrain your ability to increase bets in each round.

Roulette Game Type

Differences in roulette wheel configurations impact gameplay. The American roulette wheel, featuring an extra pocket with a double zero (’00’), differs from its European partner. Despite identical payouts, the European wheel’s 37 slots limit your chances of winning to one in 37 for each bet on a single number. Understanding these differences is key in shaping your chosen strategy.

Roulette Bet Choice

Your strategy is naturally linked to your bet type, influencing potential payouts. Strategies highlighting ‘even money bets,’ such as predicting odd or even numbers or wagering on red or black outcomes, increase your likelihood of winning.

However, these bets pay smaller payouts due to shorter odds. On the flip side, ‘inside bets,’ like placing a straight-up bet on a specific number or a ‘street’ bet covering a row of numbers, carry higher risk but promise larger payouts.

Online Casinos Where You Can Practice Your Online Roulette Strategies

Now that we come to the end of this guide, it is the right time for you to practice your roulette online strategies. Selecting the right casino for practice is crucial if you want to refine your strategies. That is why we’ve created a list of recommended casinos, both online and live, to improve your gaming experience.

Online Roulette Casinos

Online casinos offer various roulette variants, ensuring you have access to a rich and immersive gaming experience. Whether you prefer the classic European roulette, the American version with its distinctive double zero, or innovative variations, our best online casinos to play roulette provide a sophisticated environment to refine and perfect your roulette strategies.

Online Roulette
Live Casinos With Roulette

If you are craving the authenticity of a live casino atmosphere, our recommended live roulette casinos provide an outstanding gaming experience. These platforms offer a dynamic setting to sharpen your roulette skills, combining the convenience of online play with the excitement of a land-based casino. Upgrade your strategy as you engage with professional dealers, enjoy the company of live interactions, and savor the electric atmosphere of live roulette.

Live Roulette Sites


What is the best online roulette strategy?

As we described in our guide, every roulette strategy comes with inherent risks linked to your bankroll size. The key focus during roulette play should be on bets offering the best odds, regardless of the payouts.

Is it possible to win roulette online every time?

Simply put, achieving consistent wins in roulette is not possible. Online roulette is a game of chance with an inherent house edge for the casino. While understanding roulette strategy and making informed decisions can improve gameplay, it doesn’t guarantee consistent success due to the element of chance.

How does the Martingale differ from the Grand Martingale betting systems?

In the Martingale, you need to double your losing bet to continue the game, and regarding the Grand Martingale, you double the size of the losing bet and add 1x the initial bet to the new amount.

Does any online roulette system guarantee success?

Theoretically, all roulette betting systems, such as the Martingale, have a logical foundation. However, these systems come with caution, and the only way to ensure their success is by having an unlimited bankroll.

What characterizes the 666 roulette strategy?

The 666 roulette strategy is one of the most aggressive betting systems. The theory declares that this approach increases the likelihood of securing a win by supporting multiple small bets on as many numbers as possible.

Where can I practice my online roulette strategy?

You can practice your roulette online strategy at our best online casinos. We highly recommend exploring both our live and online roulette casinos, designed to provide the ultimate gaming experience for this classic game.

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