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Even though Arabic Casino is a pretty new brand, it is becoming better and better every single day thanks to its amazing team. Arabic Casino’s team is small, for now, but not to brag, possibly shortly we can see that our site Arabic Casino will become one of the favorites, if not the favorite site of Arab players where everyone will be able to feel like at home and find a safe and secure online casino that suits them. And all of this would and will never be possible without our team.

About Us - Meet the Team Behind Arabic Casino Site

It all started in 2021 when our website Arabic Casino was launched. In the beginning, there were only two people, Taha Saleem and Aziyadi Niyas. The two were in charge of the entire Arabic Casino site. From the very beginning to this day, they treat him as their child. After 6 months they were joined by another colleague named Ahmad Alazizi who was assigned a part in the sports section. And so the three of them split up. Taha Saleem and Aziyadi Niyas are in charge of the online casino section, and Ahmad Alazizi is in charge of sports betting.

The three of them, for now, run the Arabic Casino site, and they always do their best to ensure that all the information you see on our site is accurate, safe, and secure for you. Our team wants all our players to experience fair play and fair betting and to be completely relaxed and free to choose online casinos where they will play their favorite games or where they will bet on their favorite teams, players, etc.

And now, it is time to present our team. We will give you a short brief about them and about their roles here.

Hi guys, I’m Taha Selim and I want to help you become a better casino player. My first online casino experience in 2011 turned out to be a really exciting adventure. I remember that great desire to explore the world of iGaming but to no avail, because gambling is forbidden in the Gulf countries. The magical feeling that casino codes bring, can be felt by any Arab person, so I am at your service and I will share my experience with you so that you do not make the mistakes that most beginners make.
Hello our dear players, my name is Azyadi Niyas. I am coming from Doha, and at the beginning of 2012, I joined the casino industry. Enjoying casino games is very hard for Arab people, so I am here to help you. Is some Arab casino safe, how do you deposit money, and how do the bonuses work were all questions to which we were eager to know the answers. We all need a little help sometimes, or just a different point of view, so feel free to ask me anything that you want to know.
Hello and welcome my sports fans. My name is Ahmad Alazizy, and I am a very experienced football betting guide. I love all types of sports. And since I was a young guy I knew that one day I will try my best to learn everything about sports, players, teams, and bets so that one day I could be your guide. My goal is to share with you, my followers, only the most successful tips related to all sports, from how to understand sports and betting to how to actually bet.

What is Our Mission - Promoting fair and safe play

Since two of our team members have started as regular casino players, and the third one as a betting player it is totally natural to say that our team’s goal is to create a safe and secure environment for other, new, and existing players. Ever since online casinos started blooming there were a lot of scams and frauds. And since that, because our team was aware of it, and has been through this situation too, they have decided to draw a line to it.

Since we started creating the Arabic Casino site, we are determined in finding the best online casinos where our players will be able to play safely. The lack of reliable information is a problem that all online players have to deal with it, so since 2021, we have been trying to address it. We try to mix the passion of a gambling fan with the expertise that comes from different fields of life. We need to be rigorous because reviewing online casino platforms and software requires an eye for detail and an analytical approach. But, we also try to make our site as reader-friendly as possible, so you can enjoy it while you are reading it.

As we said earlier, we are trying to make our site reader-friendly and because of that, all our articles are made for players. And even though sometimes we want to go with the flow and recommend things that we love and enjoy, still like every writer, we need to stay objective. We all know that gambling is ultimately a numbers game, and because of that, we have to ignore our tastes and focus on what is best for you.

Our reviews are independent because we help everybody who comes to our site to choose the best online casino for themselves.
And that’s why those reviews are not influenced by anything other than the best knowledge, and analytical skills of our Arabic Casino team.

What we do - What is our job at Arabic Casino

When we are talking with our friends about what we do here at Arabic Casino, they sometimes think that we are just focused on reviewing an online casino and that is it. They say ‘Oh, the easiest job ever!’. But, this is not quite the truth. There are a lot of hidden traps, and one online casino platform that works for one player maybe will be unsuitable for another. That’s why we decided to check out every single aspect of an online casino that we find. Our main goal and job are to help all Arab players, who because of their country’s restrictions can not play their favorite online games, or bet on their favorite sport.

Our job is to check all the details our Arab players might don’t see or might don’t read through the terms and conditions page of an online casino, where important information is often quite hidden. Also, besides all of this, our team is focusing on making other types of pages such as casino blogs, sports betting news, casino games, bonuses, and a lot more. We are aware that all of this information is pretty important for every single player, and since we want our players to always be informed and in touch with brand-new topics, we constantly are making new pages with a lot of different and useful content.

That is why you will see here pages from types of Online Casinos, Live Casinos, allowed online Casinos in Arabic Countries, Types of bonuses, types of slots, and popular software such as Microgaming and NetEnt, to the Casino and Sports Blogs and News.

Also, what we want here to accomplish is to open your eyes when it comes to gambling. Even though all of our writers are casino players, we consider gambling to be a hobby and a passion, so we only support responsible gambling and we always try to remind you that you play for fun.

Join Arabic Casino - Constantly spreading our team

Although we are a young company, Arabic Casino is constantly looking for new members for its team. Our team needs a person who is first and foremost a team player and who does not see this as a job but as learning, experimenting, and researching, who sees tasks not as obligations but as missions to be solved in the best possible way.

Our team members are people who help each other, but who at the same time try to do their tasks in the best possible way. The Arabic Casino team can’t wait to start expanding and growing and getting stronger and better. So, don’t be shy and contact us if you see yourself on our team. We can’t wait to meet you and go on new adventures with you.

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