Best Sic Bo Online Casinos For Arabic Players In 2024

If you’re not a fan of roulette or craps, you may want to try your luck at an online sic bo casino game. This classic dice-rolling game hails from East Asia and is gaining popularity at online casinos worldwide.

The main difference between craps and sic bo is that sic bo uses three dice, allowing for a broader range of bets and more opportunities to win.

Our experts have put together a guide to help you understand everything you need about this exciting online casino game and find the best sic bo sites. With this knowledge, you can play confidently and increase your chances of success.

How We Rate And Review Sic Bo Online Casinos

Many casino experts love sic bo for its simplicity, fast-paced gameplay, and the ability to place a wide array of bets that can multiply your winnings.

Despite its origin in China, this game has become popular worldwide, including in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Macao. With the rise of online casinos, Arab players are also discovering the excitement of sic bo and enjoying it on the best online platforms.

We share this passion for the game, and our expert reviewers follow a rigorous evaluation process to bring you the best sic bo casinos. Here are some factors we consider when recommending a sic bo casino:

License and Reputation

Our selection of sic bo online casinos is limited to those fully licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). In addition, we thoroughly examine the casino’s certifications for its Random Number Generator (RNG) and other external audits to ensure that the games are always fair and payout as expected. We also consider the casino’s reputation among players like yourself and factor in player reviews and feedback when making recommendation.

Licences and Security
Sic Bo Game Variety

In the Arab world, various versions of sic bo are available at different casinos. While some offer only a few options, others have a wider variety. To help you make an informed decision, our experts analyze the different Sic Bo games available at each casino, including the software providers that power them, and whether live-dealer sic bo games are available.

Sic Bo Online
Mobile Sic Bo Online Casinos

Most top online casinos provide a mobile instant-play option for players to access games on their mobile devices. Additionally, many of these casinos have dedicated apps that can be downloaded onto mobiles and tablets. Our team of mobile experts thoroughly assesses these mobile casinos to determine whether they offer sic bo to evaluate the quality of the mobile games, app design, and connectivity, among other factors.

Recommended Mobile Casinos
Sic Bo Bonuses And Promotions

Many casinos online offer bonuses to new and returning players to entice and reward them. While some of these bonuses may seem appealing, it’s important to note that not all apply to casino table games like sic bo. Furthermore, there are requirements for wagering bonuses that may only partially count towards cash redemption. Our expert team thoroughly examines each bonus and scrutinizes the terms and conditions of casinos so that you’re fully informed about all the details.

Casino Bonuses
Banking Methods Available

To play sic bo at the top-rated casinos online for real money, you must deposit funds and withdraw winnings. Our reviewers always check the range of banking methods each casino offers, such as credit and debit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards, and more. In addition, we also investigate the withdrawal limits and processing times of each sic bo casino that we review to provide you with the necessary information.

Casino Deposits
Customer Support

When it comes to online casinos, having dedicated customer support is crucial. That’s why we thoroughly evaluate the support options (such as email, phone, and chat) provided by our recommended sic bo online casinos. We assess their hours of operation, response times, and the quality of assistance their support agents offer.

Casino Support

What Makes A Great Sic Bo Online Casino?

Looking for the ideal online sic bo casino site can be challenging. However, we have compiled a list of the top online casinos that provide sic bo, which should simplify your search. But what are the factors that make them stand out? This section will discuss several reasons why these casinos are exceptional.

Arab players don’t need to search elsewhere as our recommended online casinos provide a wide range of sic bo variants. Additionally, players can enjoy high-quality slots, table games, and live dealer games from top studios like NetEnt and IGT. Rest assured that you will enjoy great game selections at recommended online casinos by our experts.

Our best sic bo casinos provide excellent bonuses that can increase your bankroll. In addition to appealing free spins, they offer generous no deposit and deposit match bonuses that sic bo players can take advantage of. These casinos also feature live sic bo games from top iGaming providers such as Evolution Gaming, ensuring an exceptional live casino gaming experience.

If you’re an Arab player who prefers to gamble on your mobile device, our recommended online casino sites are perfect for you. They’re designed with HTML5 technology, making them responsive and optimized for smartphones and tablets. Some even have mobile apps to improve your experience. Plus, they offer various payment methods to ensure safe and secure deposits and withdrawals on any device. So, you can enjoy playing sic bo on the go without any disappointment.

One of the main reasons our recommended online casinos that offer sic bo online are excellent is their top-notch security measures. You can be assured that your personal information is secure and protected. They all have SSL certification, encryption, firewalls, and secure payment methods.

Tips For Playing Online Sic Bo For Real Money

Are you a beginner at sic bo? The best way to gain experience is by playing the game. Whether you are an experienced player or a high roller, there are always ways to enhance your gameplay.

Here are some top tips to help you make the most of sic bo online and increase your chances of success:

Tip 1 - Practice sic bo in a demo mode

Regarding playing sic bo, demo mode is an excellent option for beginners, those looking to manage their bankroll, or anyone who wants to enjoy the game without the pressure of real money at stake. Although you won’t be able to win cash rewards, playing for free can be an excellent way to practice and develop better betting strategies.

Tip 2 - Start with smaller bets

If you’re new to playing sic bo, it’s wise to begin with small bets. This will help you better manage your bankroll and become more comfortable with the game before increasing your wagers.

Tip 3 - Make the most of sic bo bonuses

When it comes to casino bonuses, not all of them are as great as they appear to be. However, you can find some fantastic deals if you know where to search. Our best new online casinos for sic bo offer great bonuses, enabling you to play and enhance your bankroll while enjoying the game.

Tip 4 - Don't change numbers every round

A good strategy is to avoid the temptation of changing your bets or numbers every round. This approach often results in consecutive losses. Instead, consider sticking to specific numbers for several rounds to increase your chances of success.

Tip 5 - Try not to bet on too many places

If you’re new to sic bo, it’s best to play safe and stick to a few bets instead of scattering wagers across the board. While the option to place multiple bets at once can be tempting, it’s important to start small and gradually build up your betting strategy.

VIP Sic Bo Online Casinos For Arab Players

For those who enjoy playing sic bo at a high level, you can find this game at some of our best online casinos with VIP rewards. These VIP casino sites typically offer a separate VIP Club or Rewards Program for their loyal players to join.

This system provides additional benefits beyond regular gameplay and rewards members for their ongoing participation. It’s a way for the casino to express gratitude and promote a sense of community among its VIP players.

A Brief History Of Sic Bo

Gaming with stones, tiles, and dice has been enjoyed in China for nearly 2,000 years, and many of their games continue to be played in their original forms or modern variations. One of these games is called sic bo, which translates to ‘Precious Dice,’ or Dai Siu, which translates to ‘Big Small.’ Originally played with wooden blocks with numbered sides, sic bo evolved to be played with three six-sided dice over time. The game’s objective remains the same: to bet on varieties of numbers that will be rolled correctly.

In the 19th century, Chinese manual laborers traveled to the US to work on the transcontinental railroad and brought with them a variety of games and traditions, including sic bo. While immigrants gambled on the game in work camps, European-American settlers were interested in it in the 20th century. Meanwhile, the game became popular in Macau with Portuguese colonies, who later introduced it to Europe.

It was not until the 1920s and 1940s, when two more waves of Chinese immigrants arrived in the US, that European-American settlers began to notice sic bo. The game was adopted by American carnivals and called Chuck a Luck, with the cage being referred to as a birdcage. It took another 40 years for the game to become popular in US casinos.

In Macau, sic bo was an instant success in the 1970s and continued to gain popularity among Chinese gamblers visiting Las Vegas. In the 1990s, non-Chinese gamblers began to play the game, and it finally made its way to the main floor of casinos in Las Vegas, thanks to wealthy Chinese tourists.

Although sic bo has been slow to gain popularity in Europe, the UK, and Canada, it has recently found success thanks to online casinos. Many consider the ability to gamble online as sic bo’s much-deserved big break, and the game can now be found at leading operators and mobile casinos.


Can I claim sic bo online casino bonuses?

Absolutely! It is worth noting that while some casinos allow sic bo to count towards meeting the wagering requirements for promotions, most of the recommended sites we suggest do accept it.

Can I use any strategies when playing online sic bo?

It is important to understand that sic bo is primarily a game of chance. Your luck and the wagers you choose will ultimately determine each dice roll’s outcome. Therefore, it is best to enjoy the game and not waste time trying to find patterns that do not exist.

Can I play sic bo for free online?

Sure. Online casinos offer free sic bo games to help beginners learn how to play without risking money. However, winnings from free games cannot be withdrawn for real money. Join real money games to earn cash and have fun.

How much can I potentially win playing sic bo at an online casino?

As with any casino game, the outcome of sic bo is determined by chance. Your potential winnings are influenced by various factors, including the amount you bet, the type of bets you place, and the random numbers generated by the dice roll.

Are online sic bo games rigged?

No, they are not. All the sites we recommend have undergone rigorous certification and testing of their random number generators (RNG) by the MGA and external testing agencies to ensure that payouts are consistently fair and games are never rigged.

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