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What is Rakeback Bonus and how to claim it?

Hello and welcome to Arabic Casino. As we all know, Poker is the most popular money game these days. Besides some players who used to play it for fun and others to compete, some players are looking to improve on their cash haul to see what they can make for themselves. Even though you can win at the table, there are other ways of making money whilst playing poker. And the Rakeback is one of them. So, Arabic Casino will now introduce you to this bonus and after this information, you will know everything about this super cool Rakeback bonus.

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What is Rakeback Casino Bonus?

A Rakeback is a refund paid to a player following the rake that is paid to the card room. It is a percentage of the rake but is not taken out of the rake. Instead, it is paid by a sponsor or an affiliate. Players can get rakebacks in online casinos and poker rooms depending on the arrangement they have with affiliates. These payments are made in several ways and this depends largely on how the arrangement with individual players works.

Rakeback is essentially used by professionals. They use the Rakeback to increase winnings and to make up for losses. Some poker players do not always win and because of that, they use the Rakeback to increase losses and compensate for them to turn the loss into a win.

Online Bonuses

How to Get Rakeback Bonus at Online Casino

Rakeback is something players have to go out and get for themselves. There are some poker sites that don’t leave the offers out there for everyone to see. If you are playing at one site or multiple sites that do not tell about Rakeback, you can contact them and ask about what kind of deal you can get. Because it is very important to understand what deals are available.

Some online casino sites let their players to known that they offer Rakeback, but it may require that you first get a certain number of points with the site before you receive any refund. So this means, that you only receive loyal treatment once you have established yourself as a loyal customer. But you have to be also aware it varies by the online casino sites. Some will not require you earn an initial number of points.

How is Rakeback Calculated?

There are two ways that poker rooms calculate players’ rake contributions: contributed and shared:

Different Types of Rakeback Bonus

Like all other online casino bonuses, the Rakeback bonus also has its types. Arabic Casino has singled out the three best and most popular types of Rakeback bonuses. Each type is special in its own way and is made by the percentage of the money you contribute to the pot. After this text, you will get better acquainted with Rakeback bonuses and you will know which bonus you can expect from online Arab casinos. 

Dealt Rakeback Bonus

When it comes to Dealt Rakeback bonus, here is a matter of who was dealt into the hand versus how much each player contributed. Rakeback is awarded to all of the players. Here’s an example: if a player is sitting at a cash game with four other players and the casino is charging a 10% rake, if the pot hits $100 the House will take a $10 rake. Under a 25% Rakeback deal that $10 (which took the House) will get split evenly between all the players who were dealt in the hand, so the player would receive $0.50 Rakeback. This is a very good solution for the player who wants to hold back and wait for a nice premium hand.

Contributed Rakeback

Contributed Rakeback is a method, where Arab player’s rake is based on the percentage of the money player contributes to the pot. For example, if the player bets $10 in a cash game and the rake at that poker room is 10%, the player would contribute $1 in rake for this hand. But if it’s a Rakeback offer of 25%, a player then gets $0.25 back for this one hand.

Progressive Rakeback Bonus Offer

A High Roller player is a gambler who consistently bets large amounts of money. All high roller players are mostly members of the VIP of certain online Arab casinos where they spend the most time and spend the most money. Because of this, online casinos want to reward their high roller players and thank them in this way for a large amount of the bets they invest in the casino. And one of the bonuses these players can get is this VIP Rakeback Bonus intended for all High rollers players. This means that all these players during the poker game will receive this type of bonus in a certain percentage, which is higher than the percentage for non-VIP players, and it will be counted on the money the player loses during the game.

How to Maximize Your Rakeback Returns

If you have ever wondered how to maximize your Rakeback Returns here are some main keys that can help you with it.

The first key is volume, you have to play at as many poker tables as possible (multi-table is almost the best option and also the highest stakes possible. Of course, games will be more difficult, but if you can at least break even or profit a little, Rakeback might more than make up for that.

The second key is to get a good Rakeback Deal. If one place offers you 30% Rakeback and another one offers you 40%, then that’s +50% of your Rakeback income, assuming you play just as much. But, it is not always the best choice to go for the highest Rakeback offer. There are also other factors to consider, such as traffic (it won’t help if you can’t play as much because you can’t find a poker table outside peak hours), if the games are softer or harder, and so on.)

Do Other Bonuses Affect my Rakeback?

The answer is yes, other bonuses affect your Rakeback bonus. And the reason is that Rakeback is commonly paid based on your Net rake contribution to the poker room, and it means that a bonus will make your Rakeback smaller in that period. But, getting both bonus and Rakeback is still better than no bonuses.
You have to remember that Rakeback is a refund of the profit that you made for a poker room. So, if a poker room pays a player a bonus, the bonus is generally deducted from the player’s total rake (poker room profit) before his Rakeback refund is calculated. For example, if the player generates $300 in rake and clears a $100 bonus, in most poker rooms on a 30% Rakeback deal the player would get ($300 – $100) * 30% = $60 Rakeback bonus.

Pros & Cons of Rakeback Bonuses

Because it is very important for every online casino player to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of the Rakeback Bonus, Arabic Casino singled out the list of the pros and cons of this casino bonus. And maybe this list will help you to understand even more what this bonus gives its players and what doesn’t and to see if it suits you or not. 

Pros of Rakeback Bonuses

Cons of Rakeback Bonuses

Other Popular Types of Casino Bonuses

Of course, there are other very popular types of Online Casino Bonuses next to the Rakeback bonuses. Online Casinos tend to have plenty of different bonuses that they can offer to their new and already existing players. Because of that, you may see on online casino sites a variety of casino bonuses like deposit bonuses and no-deposit bonuses, free spins, welcome bonuses, and others. Here, Arabic Casino singled out some of the most common casino bonuses.

No Deposit Bonuses –  are a certain amount of money that is credited to the player’s account for a certain action. A No Deposit Bonus was originally designed so that players could test different casino games and see if it is something that appeals to them. It gives players the opportunity to check how the games work, what kind of ongoing bonuses there are, and just get an overall feeling about the online casino.

Deposit Bonuses – are gifts players get when they deposit in an online casino. They are another extra reward that’s available on players’ accounts with their first money deposit. They’re usually customized to each online casino player and based on how much money players have already banked on the website. Arab Casino Deposit bonuses are frequently awarded next to free spin bonuses and are really popular among standard online casinos.

Free spins –  are the most popular type of offer because they don’t require players to deposit any of their own real money before claiming them. A lot of online casinos freely give these bonuses to new players and they may or may not come with wagering requirements. You have to be aware that some online free spin casinos will take away your prize when you win real money with your bonus. This is most common for no deposit offers.

Latest Casino Bonuses for 2023

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There are a couple of ways to get the Rakeback bonus activated on your account. The easiest way to get a Rakeback bonus is if you come from some Twitch/ YouTube streamer. Also, you can get a Rakeback bonus just by playing poker.

Unfortunately, you can’t earn Rakeback in every online casino. Some online casinos don’t offer their players this type of bonus. But here Arabic Casino gave you the list of casinos that offer this bonus. 

Yes, it does. A good Rakeback deal increases your earnings. Many players make money only through Rakeback, trying to at least break even at the tables while earning significant amounts in Rakeback.

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