Best Online Casino Rakeback Bonus

Are you interested in maximizing your earnings even if you lose at online poker? Did you know that you can still make money through Rakeback bonuses at online casinos?

A Rakeback bonus is something that poker rooms offer to their regular players. This reward is taken from the rake players have paid when playing a hand of poker, hence the term “rakeback”.

Learn how to increase your winnings with our comprehensive guide to Rakeback bonuses at online casinos. Our expert team has compiled all the information you need to leverage Rakeback to your advantage!

Best Rakeback Casino For Arab Players

Betfinal Casino
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Kingmaker Casino
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Bitkingz Casino
Welcome Bonus $3,000 + 225 free spins
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YYY Casino
Welcome Bonus 100% up to $2200
Playfina Casino
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BeOBet Casino
Welcome Bonus 100% Up to $500
Oshi Casino
Welcome Package Up To $4000 + 200 Fee Spins
Axe Casino
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What Is A Rakeback Online Casino Bonus?

Before understanding the Rakeback bonus, it’s essential to know about how rake works. In poker, the rake is the fee charged by the site for playing games. During a game, the house takes a small portion of each bet, usually between 5% and 10%, which adds to the site’s revenue.

A Rakeback bonus refers to the percentage of the fees paid to the poker site that is returned to the player, including the rake and other house fees from cash games or tournaments. Poker rooms offer Rakeback bonuses to loyal, high-volume players. Eligibility varies with rates up to 75% for high stakes, while the average offer is 20-40%.

You must meet a minimum requirement when playing poker to receive your Rakeback bonus. This amount depends on the rake generated in your game, with higher limits resulting in more rakeback.

Many online poker networks, such as PartyPoker, have implemented a progressive Rakeback system. This means you’ll earn a bigger percentage once your VIP level increases, allowing you to climb the ladder and receive a bigger weekly Rakeback.

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How Does A Rakeback Bonus Work at Online Casinos?

Let’s use an example to explain how Rakeback bonuses work. An online poker room offers a 30% Rakeback bonus every Monday on the rake amount you generate during the week.

If you played for 20 hours and generated $50 of rake each hour, you would have paid $1000 in rake. With the Rakeback bonus offer, you can expect a return of $300 in cash, which you can withdraw or use to play more.

How A Rakeback Bonus Is Calculated?

Understanding Rakeback is essential for any poker player. Essentially, Rakeback bonuses are a cash reward that you receive from an online poker room, which is a portion of the rake that you paid. Poker rooms calculate this portion in different ways, but the most commonly used methods are contributed Rakeback, dealt Rakeback, and progressive Rakeback.

Contributed Rakeback is calculated as a percentage of your total contributed cash to the pot. For example, if you put a total of $100 into the pot and the poker room’s rake is about $5, with a 40% Rakeback, you may receive $2 back from the house.

Dealt Rakeback is when players receive a percentage of the rake based on the number of players dealt into a hand. For example, if five players compete at a poker table with a $200 pot and a 5% rake, the poker room would receive $10. If the players receive a 30% Rakeback, they divide the $6 rake, each receiving approximately $2. This type of Rakeback is best for players who participate in low VPIP (Voluntarily Put $ in Pot) poker games.

Lastly, progressive Rakeback is based on the number of hands played or the amount of rake paid. If you play a variety of hands, your portion increases. Additionally, the more rake you provide, the higher the amount you receive in return. This system is best suited for multi-tablers, as casual poker players may receive lower amounts.

Pros & Cons Of Online Casino Rakeback Bonuses

As an online casino player, it’s crucial to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the Rakeback bonus. Our experts have compiled a comprehensive list of the pros and cons of this bonus. By reviewing this list, you’ll better understand the benefits and limitations of this bonus and determine whether it aligns with your needs and preferences.


Players can save a lot of money.

A player who plays poker often will get the best Rakeback poker bonus.

Even if the player loses in one round, they can slow their losses using Rakeback.

Players can increase their winnings as you can play more hands.


Not all poker rooms have a Rakeback bonus.

Some Rakeback deals don't come with welcome bonuses.

A player will be getting a Rakeback deal only if they sign up for a new account.

Types Of Online Casino Rakeback Bonuses For Arab Players

A Rakeback bonus is considered one of the best online casino bonuses. Numerous types of this bonus are available at online casinos that are offered to both new and existing Arab players. The following are the most sought-after casino bonuses:

Welcome Casino Bonus
Welcome bonus

This first deposit bonus is a common perk online casinos and poker rooms offer. This bonus takes the form of cash rewards, given to players who make their initial deposit and start playing poker. This bonus will be released in increments based on the number of hands played or rake paid rather than all at once.

Cashback Bonus

If you run out of cash and you still want to play, you need to find and take advantage of the best cashback bonuses at online casinos and Rakeback poker sites for arabic players, because players can earn points through the cashback system, which can then be exchanged for cash prizes based on their VIP status.

Bitcoin Casinos
Bitcoin Rakeback Bonus

Top-rated online casinos accepting crypto and poker rooms offer promotions to reward their loyal players by giving them a portion of the Bitcoin fees they pay while playing poker. Often, players pay a significant amount of Bitcoins in rake without realizing it. By receiving a fixed percentage of that amount back, players can boost their bankroll and potentially withdraw more Bitcoins from their account for additional fun.

How To Maximize Rakeback Returns At Online Casino

As a poker player, knowing how to maximize your Rakeback in various situations is crucial. Turbo or Super Turbo Sit & Go tournaments are particularly beneficial for generating Rakeback, but it’s important only to play these games if you can access Rakeback. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying a lot of rake in the long run.

Keep an eye out for promotions and offers, as they can be great opportunities to increase your Rakeback. Just as vital as knowing poker hands and flops is understanding Rakeback.

Even infrequent players should understand its relevance, as it can turn small losses into profits. However, those who play frequently or professionally should know Rakeback inside and out since it’s a key component of their earnings.

Our experts recommend including rake calculations in your routine to ensure you make the most profit possible. The more hands you play, the higher your return on investment will be, making Rakeback a vital element for regular players.

For professional players, Rakeback is often the key to making a living from online poker. While it’s not accessible to everyone, understanding how to calculate and use Rakeback effectively can significantly increase your earnings.

How to Claim an Online Casino Rakeback Bonus

Need help claiming a Rakeback bonus? We’ve got you covered with our step-by-step guide.

  • First, find the Rakeback bonus offer that suits your preferences.
  • Next, follow the detailed instructions and sign up for Rakeback on the site.
  • Remember to enter any sign-up or bonus codes when creating your player account to ensure you receive applicable rewards.
  • Once your account is created, verify your credentials.
  • Deposit using one of the online casino payment methods. With that taken care of, you can immediately start earning rakeback.

It’s worth noting that existing players generally can’t switch to Rakeback on most poker sites – you’ll need to create a new account to take advantage of this bonus. However, it’s important to remember that most online poker rooms prohibit existing customers from creating multiple accounts with the same site. Be sure to choose a new room if you want to switch to a Rakeback bonus.

Suppose you’re interested in deleting your old account and creating a new one to try for rakeback. In that case, contacting customer support via email or live chat may be possible. However, remember that this strategy has a low chance of success due to stringent policies regarding bonuses and rewards.

Best Casino Games With Rakeback Bonus To Play

Poker has become incredibly popular, with millions of people playing live at the best live internet casinos and online. The number of people playing online poker is difficult to estimate, but it is believed to be over 100 million.

Thanks to technological advancements, registering at any online casino or poker site and depositing takes seconds, allowing new or exciting players to jump straight into the action.

The best online casinos for real money and poker sites offer various rewards to players, which can be a vital part of a poker player’s income in addition to their winnings at the poker table. One of the most convenient ways to grow your bankroll is through a Rakeback bonus, which allows players to recoup some of their rake and tournament fees.

With a good Rakeback deal, a player can turn a losing week into a winning one. Therefore, looking around for the best Rakeback bonuses available is important. The value of Rakeback cannot be overstated, as it allows players to play for longer periods while maintaining a stable bankroll.

VIP Casino Rakeback Bonus For Arab Players

Many VIP online casinos go above and beyond to cater to their high-rolling players, also known as whales. These casinos are willing to invest a significant amount of money to ensure that their VIP guests have an enjoyable experience and spend ample time playing their favorite casino games.

To show their appreciation, most online casinos and poker sites offer frequent player points or VIP rewards programs to their most loyal players.

Our expert choice of VIP casinos for Arab players offer Rakeback which is another way to earn rewards for playing, similar to a VIP rewards program, where players receive cash rewards for their loyalty. However, it’s important to note that some sites offering extensive Rakeback, such as over 50%, may attract high-volume poker professionals, making the games more challenging.

If you participate in a VIP program, you can exchange your points for various rewards, including cash, sports events, and luxurious items.

Mobile Online Casino Rakeback Bonus For Arab Players

As an online casino player, you can take advantage of the benefits of the Rakeback bonus if you choose to play on your mobile device. All reputable online casinos offer their mobile platforms the most popular poker games and Rakeback promotions.

Apart from accessing the games via the main desktop client, our featured online casinos provide instant access to their games via web browsers on Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices. Additionally, many online casinos offer apps for iOS and Android mobiles and tablets, enhancing the mobile experience.

The best part is that the leading poker games are perfectly optimized for mobile devices, providing mobile users with superior design, graphics resolution, and sound.

Furthermore, online casinos have realized the importance of the Rakeback bonus on mobile and now offer many exclusive promotions to mobile players. So, if you love poker and have a mobile device, you can play it and enjoy the Rakeback bonus anytime, anywhere!

Mobile Arabic Casino


How to activate the Rakeback bonus?

There are several ways to activate the Rakeback bonus on your account. The easiest way to get a Rakeback bonus is if you come from some Twitch/ YouTube streamer. Also, you can get a Rakeback bonus just by playing poker.

Can I earn a Rakeback bonus in every online casino?

Unfortunately, you can’t earn Rakeback in every online casino. Some online casinos don’t offer their players this type of bonus. But on our list of online casinos, some offer this bonus.

Does a Rakeback bonus increase my earnings?

Yes, it does. A good Rakeback deal increases your earnings. Many players make money only through Rakeback, trying to at least break even at the tables while earning significant amounts in Rakeback.

How do online crypto casinos calculate Rakeback bonuses?

The calculation of the Rakeback bonus varies among different casinos. However, it is typically a percentage of the house edge on every placed bet, as per the information on this page.

Can I claim both the Rakeback bonus and VIP rewards at the same time?

Yes. Players can claim both the Rakeback bonus and loyalty rewards simultaneously if the online casino’s terms and conditions allow it.

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