Taha Saleem

Head of Content

Taha Salim emerges as a passionate guide dedicated to enhancing the skills of aspiring casino enthusiasts. His journey into the realm of online casinos commenced in 2011, marking the beginning of an exciting odyssey that ignited his curiosity for iGaming.

Studying in London, Taha Salim found more than academics—he discovered a passion for casino games. Mastering roulette and slots became second nature to him amidst the bustling city. Transitioning to online casinos, however, posed unforeseen challenges, particularly with payment methods. Now, armed with invaluable experience, Taha assists others in navigating the complex online gambling world, offering guidance to overcome hurdles and play confidently.

About Taha Saleem And His Career

Taha Salim emerges as a passionate guide dedicated to enhancing the skills of aspiring casino enthusiasts. His journey into the realm of online casinos commenced in 2011, marking the beginning of an exhilarating odyssey that ignited his curiosity for iGaming.

Despite hailing from the Gulf regions where gambling is prohibited, Taha’s enthusiasm for exploring this world remained undiminished. Recognizing the magnetic appeal of casino culture to Arab individuals, he extends his expertise and insights to empower others, steering them away from the traps often encountered by novices.

Taha Salim embodies a modern lifestyle, enjoying activities like horse riding and cricket. His diverse hobbies reflect his dynamic interests and passion for embracing life’s varied experiences.


Taha’s brilliant insight ensures the highest security and compliance standards are upheld within online casinos. Furthermore, his adeptness in payment processing methods guarantees seamless transactions and the implementation of robust fraud detection mechanisms.

Taha’s invaluable contribution to our online casino review and analysis team stems from his extensive industry experience. With over a decade of exposure to numerous online casinos, Taha brings firsthand knowledge. This extensive experience gives him the insights necessary to provide thorough and insightful assessments of various platforms within the industry.

Cybersecurity Proficiency

Taha understands the vital need to keep up with current cybersecurity trends. He excels at adjusting security measures to tackle new threats effectively. He also stays updated on cybersecurity trends and adjusts security measures to tackle emerging threats effectively.

Regulatory Compliance

The iGaming industry operates within a complex regulatory landscape that varies across jurisdictions. Understanding regulatory requirements and compliance standards is crucial to ensuring that online casinos adhere to legal frameworks and industry standards. This includes familiarity with regulations related to anti-money laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, data protection laws (such as GDPR), and gaming regulations specific to the MENA region (GCGRA).

Payment Processing

Taha comprehends diverse payment technologies, including credit/debit cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and bank transfers. He possesses essential knowledge of payment industry regulations, fraud detection methods, and chargeback management, ensuring a secure payment environment for players and the casino.

Articles by Taha Saleem

Taha Saleem, our seasoned content editor, meticulously vets each page before it goes live, drawing upon his wealth of experience and knowledge to enhance articles with insightful suggestions and edits.

In his earlier endeavors, Taha specialized in reviewing online casinos catering to Arab players, and he takes great pride in some of the articles he contributed to during that time.

BetFinal Casino

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Taha Saleem rank Betfinal Casino as a good and secure casino because it offers attractive features for Arab players. This casino meets all our criteria, and it deserves to be on our list of the best online casinos for Arab players.

YYY Casino

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Taha rates YYY Casino highly, attributing its generous welcome bonus and outstanding promotions. For more comprehensive insights, delve into the detailed casino review.

888 Casino

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Taha has conducted an in-depth review of 888 Casino, meticulously analyzing various aspects including its licensing, game authenticity, quality of support services, and more.