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What is Football?

A game of soccer (from land English football) is a sporting competition between two teams of 11 players each and a few referees who make sure that the foundations are followed correctly. It is the most popular sport in the world, played by about 270 million people.

The sphere of play is rectangular with natural or artificial grass, with a goal or arch on both sides of the field. It’s played by moving the ball across the field with any part of the body different than the arms or hands, the feet are mostly used for this action. The goal is to make it cross opponent’s goal, this is known as scoring a goal.

The team that scores the most goals after lasting ninety minutes is the winner of the match. Below, you can see the top football leagues in the world.

Premier League

The Premier League is one of the most powerful events in the entire world for online betting. In England, this famous competition is known as “The Premiership”.

La Liga

La Liga Santander has a sizable fan base among football betting bookmakers because it is widely regarded as the best European league, along with the Premier League.

Ligue 1

While Ligue 1 has established itself as one of Europe’s “Big Five,” it has been unfairly labeled as a “farmers’ league” by some, because three of the world’s best players play in the division.

How to Bet Online on Football Matches

It is very easy today to place bets on football matches online. If you follow our simple step-by-step guide, you can place your first sports bet on your favorite team in just a few minutes.

Total time required: 10 minutes

  • Find Trusted Arabic Casino

    Step 1 - Choose One of the Top Bookmakers

    If you want to place sports bets, you must first decide on a provider that meets your requirements. In the list above you will find an overview of the best bookmakers for football betting.
  • Register Casino Account

    Step 2 - Create Your Betting Account

    As a new customer, you must create a betting account. You can then use this account to claim bonus offers and deposit money into the account for betting.
  • Make Deposit

    Step 3 - Deposit the First Betting Balance

    For placing bets, you need to have money in your account. There are many different payment methods available to you at the best bookmakers.
  • Enter Details

    Step 4 - Decide on a Match

    There might be an interesting match going on that you can place live football bets on right away. Alternatively, you can bet on upcoming matches early on.
  • Claim the Bonus

    Step 5 - Place a Bet

    When you have decided on a match you can place a bet with your preferred stake. For example, a win bet, a result bet or something else.
  • Start Betting

    Step 6 - Join in the Fever Live

    For most football matches, the current result is displayed live at the betting provider. Therefore, when the game is in progress, not only can you follow live how your bet is doing, but you can also adjust your bet in real time and place new live bets.

Football History

It began in 1863, when in England the ways of “rugby-football” (rugby) and “association football” (soccer) were separated, founding the oldest association in the world: the “Football Association” (England Football Association).), the first governing body of the sport.

Both types of game have the same root and a very vast family tree. A deep and thorough investigation has found half a dozen different games in which there are aspects that refer to the origin and historical development of football. Obviously, whatever deductions are made, two things are clear: first, that the ball has been played with the foot for thousands of years, and second, that there is no reason to regard foot play as a form of football.

Quite the contrary: apart from the need to fight with the whole body for the ball in a great melee (also using the legs and feet), generally without rules, it seems that, from its beginnings, this activity was considered to be extremely dangerous. The oldest known form of the game is a manual of military drills dating back to Han dynasty China in the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC.

From the Far East, meanwhile, comes a different form: the Japanese Kemari, first mentioned some 500 to 600 years later, and still played today. It is a ceremonial exercise, which, although it requires some skill, is not competitive like the Chinese game, since there is no fight for the ball. On a relatively small surface, the actors must pass it around without letting it fall to the ground.

Much livelier were the Greek “Epislcyros”, about which relatively little is known, and the Roman “Harpastum”. The Romans had a smaller ball and two teams played on a rectangular field, bounded by marking lines and divided by a median line. The objective was to send the ball to the opponent’s field, for which they passed it between them, appealing to cunning to achieve it.

This sport was very popular between the years 700 and 800, and although the Romans introduced it to Great Britain, the use of the foot was so rare that its ascendancy in football is relative.

Betting Markets for Football Matches

If you are football fan there are many different betting markets on football matches. If you like to bet on 1X2, number of goals, corners, or if you like to watch the game and bet live on some events, almost each bookmakers have a lot of options to offer for you. We have briefly summarized the most popular betting markets for online football betting for you below.

1X2 Bets

The classic victory bet or basic bet in football is also referred to as a 1X2 bet. This sports bet is offered wherever there are three possible outcomes like in a football game: home win, draw and away win. The one stands for a home win, the X for a draw and the two for an away win.

Example: In the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, you bet an amount of €50 on Barcelona to win at odds of 2.0. If Barcelona wins, you will receive a payout of €100 (€50 win + your €50 stake). If the game ends in a draw or Real wins, you lose your stake.

Over Under bets

If you are confident that a team will score (or not score) at least a certain number of goals, an over-under bet is ideal. There are also over-under bets based on the total number of goals in the game. For example, you can bet on the home team to score at least 3 goals in a match in a European Championship.

Example: In a match between the two national teams from Germany and Spain, you bet that Germany will score at least 2 goals. If the game then ends, for example, 2:1 or 2:3, you win the bet and receive a total of €250 back with a stake of €100 and odds of 2.5.

BTTS bets (Both Teams Score)

With this bet you don’t have to decide on a winner or loser, just bet on both teams to score at least one goal. Who then ultimately wins the game or if it ends in a draw is irrelevant to your bet.

Example: You place a BTTS bet on Leverkusen vs Schalke with odds of 1.5. If you wager €10, you get €15 back if both teams score at least one goal, no matter how the game ends.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is a very popular sports bet in general, and football is no exception. Here, the bet starts with a lower score for a team by adding fictitious goals before the start of the game. A 3-way handicap bet on the home team starts with a notional 3-0 lead, so the bet is still won even if the away team wins by two goals.

Example: In the encounter between Dortmund and Bayern, Bayern are seen as having an advantage and are therefore given a handicap of one goal. As a result, the score is 1-0 for Dortmund even before kick-off. If the game then actually ends 0:2 and you bet on Bayern in the handicap bet, the bet is won, as the game ends fictitiously 1:2. In such an example, assuming odds of 3.0, thanks to the handicap you can get a whopping €300 paid out with a stake of €100.

Number of Corners

Even if you can’t predict how a match will end, football bookmakers offer numerous ways to place a bet. A popular bet is the total number of corner kicks in a match. Following such bets is very exciting, especially with live bets.

Example: You don’t want to commit yourself to a winner in the match between Brazil and Germany, but you expect a fast-paced game thanks to many attacking actions. Then you can place a bet on the minimum number of corner kicks in the game. For example, if you bet that at least 15 corner kicks will be taken, you can get back €220 from a €100 bet at odds of 2.2, so you can win €120.

Exact Result

High odds promise bets on the exact final score. For example, if you predict the exact result in a top game like Bayern vs. Dortmund, you can achieve significantly higher profits compared to the classic 1X2 bet. Of course, it is also correspondingly difficult to correctly predict the end result.

Example: A result bet lures bets on the clear favorite with significantly higher odds. If, for example, FC Bayern play against 1860 Munich in the cup, the odds of a Bayern win are often just over 1. But if you bet on a 3-0 or even a 3-1, you can quickly increase the odds to 3 .0 or more increase. However, the bet is only won if the game ends exactly as you predicted.

Betting Odds and Margins

Hardly any other sport offers as many different betting options as sports betting in football. You benefit from this as a betting fan, because there are many alternatives to the classic 1X2 bet available to you. This also increases the probability of finding one or the other odds cracker that is worth betting on.

It is not uncommon for odds to be adjusted according to betting behavior shortly after the first odds estimates have been published. It is therefore particularly worthwhile to carefully monitor and compare the odds for the various games, events and betting markets.

After explaining what odds are in football betting, talking about the most conmen odds and giving some examples, we will talk about margins, why they are important, how to calculate them and how they are connected to odds.

How to calculate betting margins

In the simplest terms, the margin is the percentage advantage that the bookmaker has over the player. For this reason, when choosing your favorite sportsbook, it is extremely important to choose an operator where the margins are lower and the odds are acceptable.

The margin is an extremely important item when choosing the best sportsbook to register in, and a large number of players do not pay attention to it, but focus more on bonuses and promotions, as well as on the number of betting markets that the operator offers. Although these are also extremely important segments, if you want to make money on the bookpmaker, odds and margins should be at the top of your checklist.

Here is an example:

In an ideal world the odds on a football match between Manchester City and PSG would be 3.00 – 3.00 – 3.00, but this will never happens. According to these odds, neither the bettor nor the bookmaker would have any advantage, but there would be the same chance on each side. In betting jargon, this situation is called a 100% market, because this is a zero margin bet and this would be the best possible odds to play in any case.

Margin calculation is a fairly simple mathematical equation.

(1 / odds on Man City to win) * 100 + (1 / odds on Draw) * 100 + (1 / odds on PSG to win) * 100= bookmaker’s margin

Lets do that with real odds. For example, odds on Man City to win is 2.65, odds on Draw is 3.20 and odds on PSG to win is 2.65. In this case betting margin is 106.72, which means average betting market is 6.72%.

How to Play Football and the Rules

In this section will go through some basic information about football like: playing field, Start of the game, duration, result, fouls and resumption of play.

Playing Field

Football (soccer in US) is played on a rectangular natural or artificial grass field. The pitch sizes are 90 to 120 meters long and 45 to 90 m wide, but for international matches: between 100 and 110 m long, and between 64 and 75 m wide. The two lines located along the field are called sidelines or band lines, while the others are called goal or end lines. The midpoints of every sideline are connected by the middle line.

On the center of each goal line and going into the field, the penalty areas, the goal areas and the goals or goals are located. The goals consist of two vertical posts 2.44 m high located 7.32 m apart. The tops are joined by another post that is horizontal, known as stringer.

Penalty areas are located in the center of the goals. These are drawn 16.5 meters from the vertical posts, also going 16.5 meters into the interior of the land, and then joining by another larger line.

Start of The Game

Each team has a maximum of 11 players and a minimum of 7. During the match players can be substituted. One of the titular players must be the goal keeper. It is allowed for a goalkeeper and another player of the team to change positions during the match, as long as it is during an interruption with the consent of the referee.

Each player must have basic clothing and gear: a shirt or jersey with sleeves, shorts, socks, shin guards and appropriate footwear. The colors of the clothing of both teams must be clearly differentiated by the eye. The captains (representative players of each team) must wear some identifying mark to be called by the referee, when necessary, which is generally a bracelet.

Soccer is played with a spherical ball or ball made of special material or leather. Its circumference will be between 68 and 70 centimeters, its mass between 410 and 450 grams and its pressure between 0.6 and 1.1 atmospheres at sea level. Players can touch and move the ball with any part of their body, except the arms. The goalkeeper can use any part of his body, but only within his penalty area.

Each match is controlled by a main referee, who will be the highest authority of the match and in charge of enforcing the rules of the game. All decisions of the referee are final. Only he can modify a decision as long as he has not restarted play or the match has ended. He will also have at his disposal 2 assistant referees or lineman (lineman) to help him in decision making. He also has a fourth referee at his disposal who is the one who corroborates it, and also controls the substitutes and coaching staff. Also suggests the substitutions and the increase in match time.

To start the match, one or more players from one team will move the ball towards the rival goal from the midpoint of the halfway line, at which point regulation time will start. The same will happen at the beginning of the second half but with the opposing team. It also happens after each goal.

Duration and Result

The duration of a match, specified in Rule 7 of the regulations, will be two equal halves of 45 minutes, with an intermediate rest period that may not exceed 15 minutes, and its duration must be established by the regulations of each competition. The time lost during the dispute of the match must be recovered at the end of each period, the duration of these recovery periods being left to the discretion of the main referee.

The main point of the sport is to score more goals than the other team. A goal is considered when the ball completely crosses the goal line of the opposing goal, provided that no infringement of the rules of the game has been previously committed. The goal is the only way to score in football, something that does not happen in other football codes. If the number of goals is the same, the match is tied.

In many cases, when the match ends in a draw, there are several ways to find the winner. If the match ends tied, an extension or extra time can be played, which consists of two halves, generally 15 minutes each, where the initial match continues. In addition, there are two ways that the extension ends early: the golden goal and the silver goal, although these forms have been left aside in recent years.

A series of penalties will be taken, if equality persists. It consists of each team throwing penalties alternately until a total of 5 each. If after the 10 penalties or penalties77 taken, equality persists, one penalty per team will continue to be taken until a winner is defined.

Extra time and penalty kicks are a widely used format in modern football, the primary exponent of this being the elimination stages of the very last segment of the football world Cup. In some competitions, penalties are taken directly after the end of the initial match, without using extra time. A clear example of this system is the qualifying rounds of the Copa América.

In all these examples a single match was played, but there are other tournaments where two matches are played in the elimination stages, home and away matches. To determine if the bracket (both games) ended in a tie, the goals for both teams in the two games are added, and if they are the same, it is said that the bracket ended in a tie. In some cases, if the bracket ended tied, a tiebreaker system with extra time or penalty kicks is used, which are executed at the end of the second match of the bracket.

In some knockout stages another form of tiebreaker is considered before extra time or penalties: away goals. If at the end of both matches neither team surpassed the other in goals scored, the number of goals scored by each team in the away match will be counted. If a team has scored or more away goals after both games, it will be the winner of the bracket, but if the equality persists also in away goals, it will proceed with extra time or penalties. An example: knockout stages of the Copa Libertadores de América and the UEFA Champions League.

Fouls and Resumption of Play

Every time a player tries to hit another, pushes him, spits on him or touches the ball with his hands (except the goalkeeper), the referee will award a direct free kick in favor of the team that does not commit the infraction, which will be executed from the place of infraction. If it occurred inside the team’s own penalty area, regardless of the position of the ball and if the ball is in the playing field, a penalty kick will be awarded against the offending team.

If a player plays dangerously, hinders an opponent or prevents the goalkeeper from releasing the ball with his hands, an indirect free kick is awarded to the team that did not commit the offense, to be taken from the place of the offense. In addition, an indirect free kick will be awarded if the goalkeeper keeps the ball in his hands for more than 6 seconds or touches the ball after having previously touched it, receives it from a team-mate or directly from a throw-in.

A player may be entitled to receive a yellow (warning) or red (expulsion) card, if he commits any infraction of those specified in the regulations. If a player receives a red card, he will be sent off the field and cannot be replaced by another. If a player receives two yellow cards in the same match, he will receive a red card and be sent off. Cards push players to follow the rules of the game.

If the ball leaves the field of play over a goal line after being touched by a defending player, a corner kick will be awarded to the opposing team. If it is last touched by an attacker, a goal clearance will be awarded to the defending team. If the ball leaves the field over one of the touch lines, a throw-in is awarded to the team that did not last touch the ball.

World Cup History

In 1928 FIFA decided to organize its own worldwide tournament. The 1932 Olympic Games, which took place in Los Angeles, did not plan to include soccer as part of the program due to its low popularity in the United States. FIFA and the IOC were also in disagreement over the status of non-professional players, and soccer was removed from the Games. FIFA President Jules Rimet set about organizing the inaugural World Cup tournament, naming Uruguayas hostess. The national associations of the selected countries were invited to send a team, but the choice of Uruguay as the venue for the competition meant a long and expensive journey across the Atlantic Ocean for the European teams. In fact, no EU country promised to send a team two months before the start of the competition. Rimet eventually persuaded teams from France, Belgium, Romania, Hungary, and Yugoslavia to make the trip. In total, 13 nations were participants (seven from South America, four from Europe and two from North America).

The two matches of the first World Cup took place simultaneously and were won by France and the USA (Mexico 4-1 and Belgium 3-0, respectively). The first goal in football World Cup history was scored by Lucien Laurent from the French team. Four days later, the first World Cup hat-trick was scored by Bert Patenaude of the USA in the North Americans’ 3-0 victory over Paraguay.

In the final, Uruguay beat Argentina 4-2 in front of a crowd of 93,000 in Montevideo, becoming the first country to win a World Cup.

Fun Facts About Football

The fastest goal in history was scored by Ricardo Olivera on December 26, 1998. It was in a match between Río Negro Capital and Soriano Interior just 2.8 seconds after the start of the match.

The final of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be in a city that does not yet exist. Lusail is still under construction, as is the stadium that will host the final and will have a capacity of 80,000 spectators.

The furthest goal recorded in professional football was scored by goalkeeper Asmir Begovic in 2013, from 91.9 meters! In addition, it is also the fastest goal scored by a goalkeeper since he scored it 13 seconds into the match.

Ahmed Hassan is a former Egyptian footballer who holds the world record for the most international matches played for a national team with 184 appearances. He is closely followed by Sergio Ramos with 180.

If we talk about the king of the World Cups, that is Pelé. The legendary Brazilian soccer player managed to lift the trophy up to three times (1958, 1962 and 1970) in the golden age of the Canarinha.

Neil Armstrong wanted to take a soccer ball to the moon, but NASA wouldn’t let him

Oliver Kahn is the only goalkeeper to have received the FIFA Ballon d’Or.

90 seconds is the time Tommy Ross needed to score a hat-trick. It happened in the year 1964.

Even so, at the moment the signing of Neymar for PSG is the most expensive transfer in history: 222 million euros.

The first penalty shootout in UEFA competition was on 30 September 1970 when Budapest Honvéd beat Aberdeen 5-4 in the Cup Winners’ Cup first round.


Is betting on Football legal in Arabic countries?

Betting on football or betting in general is not legalized in most Arabic countries, but players can bet online at licensed offshore sport betting websites.

What is the most important skill in football?

Passing Accuracy. Passing accuracy is one of the most fundamental and important skills in a football game.

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