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Real Arab Player Share His Betting Experience

This week we received an email from one of our users, also the first email ever that we have got. It was a very pleasant surprise and we rushed to open it and see what it was about. When we first read it, we were in shock because, to be honest with you, my team and I didn’t expect something like this. It was a very honest letter, in which our user opened his soul and told us what his first experience was with betting, about his feelings when he first visited an on-ground bookmaker, etc.   

Of course, we immediately asked our user if we could share his amazing story with you guys and publish it on our site. That’s why we made a decision and decided that with the consent of our user, we will publish his email in full in support of our work, which we have translated into English.  

We are hoping that this mail will help you to realize that you are not alone and that there are also a lot more people out there from the Arabic world that are in a similar, or even in the same situation as you. 

“My passion for Sports Betting started when I was 15 years old when I was watching a football match, it was the 92 min of the match and the score was 0-0. The referee whistled a free kick to one of the teams and the player took 15 min to set up the ball and to prepare himself for the kick. Oh, I didn’t mention that the free kick was from almost half court. Everyone that were watching with me the game shouted “come on man! Just shoot the ball! There is no chance to score from this distance”. At that moment I told them “I will bet you all that he will score and the team will win”. For the fun of it we placed a small amount of money on the table and decided that if he scored, I would take all the money, otherwise they would take it and spread it between them. The player was ready. He gave himself some space and started to run towards the ball. The excitement and the curiosity that I felt at that moment were two feelings that I can’t explain. My eyes didn’t leave the TV screen. The player reached the ball and kicked it! The ball flew over the live wall, over all the other players that were standing behind it. The goalkeeper was looking at the ball going in the up-left corner of the goal and into the net. He couldn’t move to stop it from entering, and like that the score became 1-0 and the referee whistled the end of the match.  

I jumped of my ass! I was so happy that I won the bet and that was the moment when I knew that I am passionate about sports betting. I didn’t feel that I was doing something bad to the people around me or that I was stealing their money. We laughed, hugged and moved on with our lives.  

Many years forward, the Internet blew up, Apple made the iPhone, google was the main search website that you go to if you need any information about anything, VPN were invented so you can be anywhere online even though you are not there physically, technology took a big step forward and almost every business in the world had an online presence. But one thing didn’t change: Gambling, nudity and alcohol is still forbidden in the Arab world.  All websites that were offering any content related to these three or any other content that was a variation of these big three, were blocked by internet providers in the Arab countries because as I mentioned above, the Islamic religion which prohibits these three HARAM actions.  

One year I traveled abroad to visit a friend of mine that was living in Europe. He knew that I had a passion for sports betting, specifically betting on football because of my love for this sport. I was very knowledgeable when it came to football, there was no football match that I didn’t watch and analyzed in detail. 

So, my friend decided to surprise me and to take me to my first on-ground bookmaker. When I got in and saw all the numbers, the odds, it was love at first sight. I used this opportunity and placed couple of bets, nothing crazy, just to have fun and enjoy the moment. I lost some, won some but that wasn’t important to me. Analyzing the odds, selecting the matches after analyzing the teams playing, using all my knowledge about football to place the best possible bets, the passion and the excitement that comes with all of that is what was important to me.  

When I was leaving the place, my friend saw my said face and asked “why the long face?” I answered “I am going home tomorrow and I can’t take this place, put it in the bag and take it with me”. He added “but you can search for the best bookmakers online. You know that now a days almost all bookmakers have their own websites, where you can do everything that you did here now but online.” I replayed “Yeah, maybe in a country that isn’t Arabic or Islamic. All these types of websites are blocked in these countries. Don’t you remember, they are considered HARAM!”. My friend laughed and said “Have you heard of a VPN!” and just like that I decided to learn more about this VPN and to find out how to start betting online.  

Seating in my room, browsing the web, I came across a website called “Arabic casino”. I was shocked that it’s not blocked due to the fact that it has the word ‘casino’ in its name which is word that is related to gambling in the Arab Islamic world. I opened the page and started reading through the content and I came to the answer to the question “why this site is not blocked”. This is a site that only offers information about gambling and sports betting, but you can’t deposit money and start doing these sinful things. The website only offers information that will help you choose the best bookmaker online and how to reach it, if you are in the Arabic Islamic world.  

I thought to myself “This is exactly what I need! All the information in one place. I don’t have to look anywhere else.”   

I followed their guide to the to Set up everything, chose the best bookmaker, reached its website (by using VPN), placed a deposit and responsibly started betting on football, my Favorite sport.  

The moral of this small story is: Sports betting doesn’t have to be an addiction; With the right education it can be only an activity that can help fill you with adrenalin and excitement. Yes, Islam religion says that betting is a type of gambling and that it’s HARAM but in my opinion, there are much worse HARAM things than sports betting.   

ArabicCasino you have been a great resource that provides great information about sports betting. Thank you for all which you are doing for us!” 

What is your opinion on this matter? Should sports betting be available in Arabic Islamic countries but under some strict regulations?