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Types of Tennis Bets

Sports betting is very varied and these are adapted to each discipline. In the case of betting on tennis, you will have different options. Where you not only find the classic. In which you predict who will be the winning player. But the betting pages are not limited and offer much more. All with the aim of making tennis betting much more entertaining.

Here we explain some of the most common bets in tennis:

  • Match Winner

    This is about predicting who will be the winner of a specific match.

  • Tournament Winner

    It is a long-term bet. This seeks to predict who will win at the end of the tournament. That is, the player to take the cup.

  • Set Winner

    The player to win a specific set is predicted.

  • Exact result

    with this type of bet, the aim is to hit the number of points per match or set. It can be a bit more complex, but it also has better payouts.

In addition to these, you can also find handicap tennis bets. These are known to be used in matches where there is a clear favorite to beat. Thus, an advantage is given to the underdog. Which helps to equalize the results, being more balanced. Similarly, disadvantages can be given to the preferred tennis player. These can be applied in all the types of bets previously mentioned.

Types of Odds for Tennis

Sports betting odds are a highly relevant factor. A detail that you must take into account before betting on tennis or any sport. Since these are the ones that define the amount of profit that you will receive if your bet is correct. That is, what is known as a rate of return to the player. Therefore, it is important to bet at bookmakers that offer competitive odds.

The higher the fee, the higher the profit. However, the chance of success is likely to be less. Since the highest odds are given to the least likely to be the winner. Meanwhile, the favorite will have a smaller quota. That is why it is very important to compare the different odds before betting on an event or house.

The odds used for tennis bets are divided into: decimal, fractional and American. However, the most used in Spain is the decimal. Therefore, we will talk a little more about this type of fee. This is an integer or decimal number. Which makes handling it much easier and more comfortable for the user. To know how much the profit will be, you only have to multiply the amount of the fee by the money bet.

To understand it better, here is an example: In a match between Rafael Nadal and Alexander Zverev, a quota is established for each tennis player. For Nadal, the odds are 1.25; while for Zverev it is 4.5. Which means that the favorite to win is the Spanish. So, if you bet €10 on Nadal to win, your profit would be multiplied by 1.25. That is to say: 10 x 1.25 = €12.5. Which would result in a net gain of 2.5 euros.

How to Bet on Tennis Online

It is very easy today to place bets on tennis online. If you follow our simple step-by-step guide, you can place your first sports bet on your favorite tennis player or tournament in just a few minutes.

Total time required: 10 minutes

  • Find Trusted Arabic Casino

    First - Choose One of the Top Bookmakers

    If you want to place sports bets, you must first decide on a provider that meets your requirements. In the list above you will find an overview of the best bookmakers for tennis betting.
  • Register Casino Account

    Second - Create Your Betting Account

    As a new customer, you must create a betting account. You can then use this account to claim bonus offers and deposit money into the account for betting.
  • Make Deposit

    Third - Deposit the First Betting Balance

    For placing bets, you need to have money in your account. There are many different payment methods available to you at the best bookmakers.
  • Enter Details

    Fourth - Decide on a tennis player or tournament

    There might be an interesting tennis matches or tournaments on that you can place live bets right away. Alternatively, you can bet on upcoming tennis matches or tournaments early on.
  • Claim the Bonus

    Fifth - Place a Bet

    When you have decided on a tennis player or tournament, you can place a bet with your preferred stake.
  • Start Betting

    Sixth - Join the excitement and cheering Live

    For most tennis matches or tournaments, the current result is displayed live at the betting provider. Therefore, when the tennis match or tournament is in progress, not only can you follow live how your bet is doing, but you can also adjust your bet in real time and place new live bets.

The Most Popular Tennis Leagues and Tournaments

Throughout the year, there are many tournaments that take place in the racket sport. Both in national and international leagues. So many of them will be available for online tennis betting.

Of course, the most popular ones are the ones that have the greatest reception. What generates that bookmakers offer much more to their users. From super quotas, to special quotas. Elements that are very attractive to bet on tennis online. Generating more excitement than ever.

Now, you may want to know what these tennis betting events are. Well, here we list them:

Tennis Grand Slam

The Grand Slam is the most important tennis event of the year. It consists of four different tournaments. Which take place in four of the most important cities in the world. Each with their respective characteristics. These are:

Australian Open or Australian Open. This is the first tournament of this great event. As its name suggests, it takes place in Melbourne, Australia. It is played on a hard tennis court.

Roland Garros. It is the second major tournament of the event and takes place in Paris, France. It is recognized for being the main and most important match on a clay court. Its current champion is the Spanish Rafa Nadal. He being the male tennis player with the most victories in this tournament.

The Wimbledon Championships. It is the third Grand Slam tournament and is one of the most prestigious. It is based in London, England and is played on grass. His current champions in men’s and women’s singles are: Novak Djokovic and Simona Halep. As a curious fact, the glasses are delivered by a member of the British royal family.

US Open or American Open. It is the fourth and last major tournament of this great event. It is played on a hard court and takes place in New York City in the United States. Naomi Osaka and Dominic Thiem are the current champions of this tournament.

In each of these, the title is disputed between 128 players in the men’s singles and 128 players in the women’s singles. Winning the one that is the best of 5 sets, and the best of 3 sets, respectively. Likewise, doubles and mixed matches are played.

Other Important Tennis Tournaments

Of course, the events are not limited to the Grand Slam. In fact, tennis is a sport that is played almost all year round. Counting on many competitions that will be available to bet online. Among them are the tournaments of the International Tennis Federation (ITF). These are the matches organized by the main organization of this sport. The most popular and recognized are:

The Davis Cup: is a tournament where teams from different countries face each other. It takes place annually and is one of the biggest events in men’s tennis. The current champion of this competition is Spain.

The Fed Cup: It is the equivalent of the previous tournament, only for women’s tennis. The current record of victories is held by the former Spanish tennis player, Arantxa Sánchez Vicario. She has 72 wins between singles and doubles matches.

Likewise, the Federation carries out other events of doubles and mixed matches (individuals and doubles). And they even organize beach tennis matches. Likewise, there are events for junior leagues and for athletes with reduced mobility.

Other very important events to bet on tennis are:

  • The tournaments of the ATP circuits.
  • The Olympic Games.

Top 3 Male and Female Tennis Players

In recent times, we’ve been especially privileged because we get to witness the brilliance of many greats who are undoubtedly some of the best to ever play, but who would make the list of the best tennis players?

Here are our top 3 male and female tennis players, that we think deserve to be on this list.

Roger Federer

We hear about Roger Federer as the greatest tennis player of all time (GOAT) so often that you might think it was easy to put the Swiss great at the top of this list. However, it was only by a very small margin that Federer earned his place as our greatest tennis player of all time.

So, what was it that earned Federer the number one spot? Adaptability

Yes, for all his Grand Slam titles, his elegance and his brilliance, it is actually his adaptability that we believe makes Federer the greatest tennis player of all time.

When the Fed came on the scene, tennis was a completely different game than it is now.

The shots were completely different, the movements around the court were completely different, and Federer came in and blew it all to smithereens (here’s a breakdown of how his forehand does this). Years later, when in response to Federer’s brilliance, guys like Nadal, Djokovic and Murray pushed the game even higher, Federer was still able to adapt and keep up. Even today, when he’s close to 40, he can still do this, and apart from his 20 Grand Slam titles, that’s why we’ve chosen Fed as our greatest tennis player of all time.

Australian Open (6) | Roland Garros (1) | Wimbledon (8) | US Open (5)

Novak Djokovic

When it comes to the debate over who is the greatest tennis player of all time, Novak Djokovic is not always a popular opinion. Maybe it’s because Roger and Rafa seem so universally loved that Djokovic can sometimes be seen as the other guy. However, Djokovic’s stats are simply unbelievable. In my opinion, if you put a top-tier Djokovic against any of the others on this list, he wins at least 7 times out of 10.

You decide if you think that makes him the greatest tennis player of all time, but it’s hard not to agree that his backhand is one of the greatest of all time. However, when you throw everything away, we’ve gone with Federer, even if Djokovic could end up with the most Grand Slams.

Australian Open (9) | Roland Garros (2) | Wimbledon (6) | US Open (3)

Rafael Nadal

This was another tough decision, but we just couldn’t bear to split up the three rivals. It seems harsh to put Nadal in three given his incredible record, but here he is, it just goes to show the level of competition out there. However, the Spaniard will have to settle for the number one left-hander on the list, albeit another debatable one (numbers 4, 9 and 10 on the list are also left-handed).

While Nadal may be best known on clay, he has been wonderfully adaptable and, like Federer and Djokovic, has won the Grand Slam of his career, winning all four majors at one point or another. Nadal’s incredible shooting ability is something we will all miss when he finally retires, earning him a spot at number three on our list of the greatest tennis players of all time.

Many will argue that he is the greatest tennis player of all time, and there are plenty of stats to back this up!

Australian Open (2) | Roland Garros (13) | Wimbledon (2) | US Open (4)

Serena Williams

Possibly the GOAT of all time, Serena Williams currently owns 23 Grand Slam titles, second only to the great Margaret Court. Serena has shone on both the singles and doubles courts, winning 14 Grand Slam doubles titles (all of which were alongside her sister Venus de Ella).

Serena’s longevity in the sport is what many argue is her most impressive feat.

With her career spanning 4 decades and balancing winning Grand Slams while being a mother. She is an incredible player who will go down in history as one of the greatest ever, her intensity and will to win is unrivaled and inspires a generation of players (particularly girls) to play the sport. She is also famous for her powerful groundstrokes and serves (here is a breakdown of her serve), which is one of the most technically sound shots in all of tennis. Won 72 career titles, 4 Olympic gold medals, and she’s the highest earning female tennis player.

Australian Open (7) | French Open (3) | Wimbledon (8) | US Open (6)

Steffi Graf

Steffi Graf has to be in the conversation as one of the greatest tennis players of all time. Her 22 Grand Slam titles put her on par with Serena Williams and Margaret Court.

She holds the record for the longest time as a World No. 1, 377 weeks and was one of the most versatile players of all times.

Steffi won all 4 grand slams at least 4 times and a calendar golden slam in the year 1988. Her fierce forehand and impeccable footwork set her above her rivals and she still serves as an inspiration to many. young and aspiring tennis players. today.

Australian Open (4) | French Open (6) | Wimbledon (7) | US Open (5)

Venus Williams

Older sister of the great Serena Williams, Venus is also one of the greatest tennis players of all time!

Venus won 7 singles grand slams and 14 doubles grand slams with her sister, she was well known for her power and physicality in the modern tennis game.

He also has one of the most technically perfect serving moves in existence, so it’s no wonder he still holds the record for the most Grand Slam appearances at 90!

Wimbledon (5) | French Open (0) | US Open (2) | Australian Open (0)

The History of Tennis

Tennis is a sport that has been practiced for many centuries. It was born in the Middle Ages and although it was practiced in several European countries, it was especially popular in France, where it was known as “jeu de paume” , which means “clapping game”.

At first it was practiced indoors and with very simple rules. All he had to do was pass the ball over a net that was hooked to two adjoining walls on the field of play. At that time, the racket was not yet used, the players had to hit the ball directly with the palm of the hand.

When they hit him, they say “you have!”, which comes directly from the French verb “to have”. With the passage of time, from this cry derives the name by which “tennis” is known throughout the world.

We owe the introduction of the first tennis rackets to the famous Henry VIII. Centuries later, the English king, so aware of the success of this practice among the nobles of high society, ordered the construction of a tennis court near his palace with the aim of practicing this sport regularly.

Tennis as we know it today was not until the end of the 19th century. We owe a lot to a certain Walter Clopton Wingfield, a colonel in the English army, who devised the first rules of the course, thus an area delimited with two sticks, a net, four rackets and rubber balls.

This colonel gave it the right importance in the history of tennis, and also introduced the main rules that govern it today; he divided the games into sets and numbered the points as we know them today.

The first lawn tennis prototype was born, which has many similarities with today’s tennis. In retrospect, Wingfield’s invention helped tennis reach its final breakthrough.

Shortly after, the All-England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club held the first lawn tennis tournament in 1877. The venue was the capital of England, London. More precisely, the matches were played in the Wimbledon district. This traditional tournament is now considered one of the most important and well-known tennis tournaments in the world.


Is Sports Betting or Any Form of Betting Allowed in the Arab World?

Sports betting, online gambling sites and casinos are illegal throughout the Middle East and the Arab world.

In Which Countries Tennis is the Most Popular Sport?

It’s most popular in Australia. France takes the second place and New Zealand is the third.

Who is the #1 Female Tennis Player Currently on the WTA List?

Iga Swiatek, age 21 from Poland is the #1 Female tennis player currently on the WTA list.

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