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What are Esports?

Esports, or electronic sports as they are also known, are linked to video games. They are competitions between two or more individuals in professional video games. Esports came to revolutionize electronic competitions. Making them jump at them. For a long time, video games have been seen as children’s things. However, in recent years this industry has moved many followers and money. As a consequence of this, Esports were born. Thus, giving a competitive boost to this activity. These competitions can be held online or in person. Counting on spectators and others, like a competition in any other sport.

In fact, today there are numerous Esports clubs. Which recruits the most outstanding experts and best video game players. Just as it happens between the big clubs to keep the best footballers. Only, in this case, they are passionate video game players. Being what stands out the most are those who can compete professionally.

More and more Esports teams are being created and participating in these competitions. As a consequence of this growth, Esports betting came to the industry. As this is a live competitive activity, it was inevitable that they would not come up on the betting pages.

Today, through a licensed operator, users can bet on Esports online. For its part, the Spanish Video Game Association (AEVI) is responsible for transparency and fair play. This institution is in charge of keeping everything in order in the video game and Esports industry.

Get to Know the Most Important Video Games in the Betting Market

A few years ago, it was unthinkable that you could earn money playing video games. Much less than these would be considered as a profession. However, it is currently one of the industries that makes the most money in the world. Now, from this great success, a new opportunity arose. Since we can even make bets in a video game. If you told this to someone ten years ago, they would surely laugh at you, however, today it is possible.

Now, when betting on Esports, we must know which are the most popular games among users. We will talk about those games that have made electronic sports great. Below, these are the most popular esports in the industry to place bets:

Counter-Strike, Global Offensive (CS: GO)

Without a doubt, one of the most popular games in the Esports industry is CS: GO. A multiplayer first-person shooter video game on frenetic action maps. The Counter Strike saga is one of the most famous in the industry, today it can be obtained for free. The game is divided into two groups of people. They must put together a team of “terrorists” and another of “anti-terrorists.” They compete against each other and the one who makes the most kills in a certain time will be the winner.

In CS: GO, as in most multiplayer games, it is ideal for creating various competitive tournaments. For this reason, it has become one of the favorite games for Esports betting. Around the world competitions of the highest level of Counter Strike are held. For this reason, its popularity within Esports has grown exponentially. Achieving that today there are a large number of players who compete professionally in these tournaments.

Having said all this, in the different operators that offer Esports bets, CS: GO is considered one of the flagship games. In the operators you can bet on a team matchup for which you think will be the winner. On the platform you will also see how the game is going and its dynamics. With excellent betting odds, Counter Strike is an option to consider when placing Esports bets.

League of Legends (LoL)

If we have to talk about the video games that have made Esports great, we must mention League of Legends (LoL). This is undoubtedly one of the flagship games of Esports, standing out above the rest. Launched on the market more than 20 years ago, today it is still a phenomenon that moves many people around the world. LoL is a highly competitive strategy video game ideal for Esports betting. LoL currently has the largest number of players trained to compete professionally. In addition, it has the most popular and followed Esports competitions in the world.

Players must choose a character and belong to a group. Which will be made up of other participants. This creates interesting co-op games between teams where strategy is key. A game that allows users to make interesting Esports bets.

A video game set in a magical world with fantastic creatures and characters. As this is a team game, each player must play a role for it to work. For this reason, the tactics and strategy used in LoL are of vital importance for success.

To bet on Esports on LoL, as in almost all, prior knowledge is important. However, in this particular game, this becomes more important. It is a video game that handles concepts that are not for everyone. Therefore, more knowledge of it implies more chances of winning when betting on Esports.


A video game that offers a lot of possibilities to players and viewers. Smite has become one of the most popular Esports in Esports. It was released on March 25, 2014 by Hi-Rez Studios and Titan Forge Games. This is a third-person MOBA video game. Which can be played on multiple platforms. Thus, generating a greater reach of users around the world.

In a Smite match, there will be two teams made up of five Gods, each with a Titan in their bases. The objective of the teams is to face each other on the battlefield and take down the other’s titan. The gods of each team will be controlled by the players. Each one will have special skills to function on the battlefield.

Its high popularity and good audience in each tournament or event have led it to be one of the most requested in Esports betting. There are many tournaments and leagues for which they compete professionally today. This results in a greater influx of bets with interesting odds. If you want to have a more complete experience on Smite, register at your favorite bookmaker.

In recent years, more bookmakers have offered Smite within their Esports betting catalog. Counting on many tournaments available in which users can bet on Smite.

World of Tanks (WOT)

It is one of the most popular multiplayer video games in Esports. Its high demand has made it one of the favorites by users. There are many bookmakers that offer World of Tanks to bet online. Study the players and try to predict who will win.

World of Tanks (WoT) is brought from the hand of the Wargaming company, where war vehicles face each other. It is a game that stands out mainly for being a one-on-one confrontation. Players will have the option to choose between five war tanks: Light, medium, heavy, self propelled and tank destroyers.

Each of these war vehicles have special features to be used. WoT is a video game that can be obtained for free, thus increasing its popularity. Multiplatform game to be enjoyed on different video game consoles and computers.

World of Tanks is offered by various operators that have Esports bets. Throughout the year there are many events or tournaments to bet on with the best odds on the market. WoT attracts many viewers by offering various betting opportunities. Above all, because it is one of those video games that exalt competition among the participants.

Esports betting has grown in recent years precisely because of games like World of Tanks. Remembering that behind each game there are professional players of a very high level to compete. Those who have dedicated work and study to become true professionals.


If there is a video game that has revolutionized the industry in recent years, that is Fornite. Released in the year 2017, it is one of the most popular games in the world. Since its launch, Fornite has appeared in the rankings of video games that have generated the most in recent years. Today we can enjoy exciting games at the highest level of Fornite in Esports betting.

Fornite is a shooting, action and survival video game in the “Battle Royale” mode. In each match players will be dropped on a map with 100 other participants and must survive. On the map you will find weapons and materials to build. The objective of the game is to be the last one to remain alive in the game. The video game allows you to play in various modes. Being able to play alone, as a couple or as a team of four members. Whatever mode you choose, the objective will be the same: to be the last on the map. As the game progresses, the battlefield will shrink. To the point where this is as tiny as possible.

Due to the characteristics of the game, Fornite is an excellent option to bet on Esports. Users will have the possibility to place their bets on lines in multiple tournaments and competitions. In addition, Fornite Esports bets are paid very well in the different bookmakers.

Esports betting is an option that is increasingly taken into account by users. Fornite is a video game that mainly appeals to young people. However, in recent years there has been a growth of a larger audience. The latter is due in part to being included in Esports officially.

How to Bet Online on Esports

It is very easy today to place bets on Esports online. If you follow our simple step-by-step guide, you can place your first sports bet on your favorite Esports game in just a few minutes.

Total time required: 13 minutes

  • Find Trusted Arabic Casino

    Step 1 - Choose One of the Top Bookmakers

    If you want to place sports bets, you must first decide on a provider that meets your requirements. In the list above you will find an overview of the best bookmakers for Esports betting.
  • Register Casino Account

    Step 2 - Create Your Betting Account

    As a new customer, you must create a betting account. You can then use this account to claim bonus offers and deposit money into the account for betting.
  • Make Deposit

    Step 3 - Deposit the First Betting Balance

    For placing bets, you need to have money in your account. There are many different payment methods available to you at the best bookmakers.
  • Enter Details

    Step 4 - Decide on a Esports Game

    There might be an interesting Esports games on that you can place live bets right away. Alternatively, you can bet on upcoming game early on.
  • Claim the Bonus

    Step 5 - Place a Bet

    When you have decided on a eSports game you can place a bet with your preferred stake.
  • Start Betting

    Step 6 - Join the Excitement Live

    For most Esports games, the current result is displayed live at the betting provider. Therefore, when the game is in progress, not only can you follow live how your bet is doing, but you can also adjust your bet in real time and place new live bets.

Discover the Best Leagues and Events in Esports Betting

Above we talked a little about the most popular electronic sports on the market. In this section we will talk about those leagues and events where the best electronic sports are developed:

The LVP (Professional Video Game League)

is the Esports competition par excellence in Spain. A league where games like CS: GO, Call of Duty, FIFA, LoL, among others, stand out. Ideal competition to bet on Esports online.

ESL Pro League

It is the most important professional league of CS: GO. Players from the continents of Europe, America, Asia and Oceania compete in it.

EA Sports FIFA Global Series

It is the most important world event of FIFA. A competition that brings together the best, ideal for Esports betting.

League of Legends World Championship

LoL global championship. It is one of the most important events in Esports. The best from each continent compete for glory.

League of Legends European Championship

It is the most important league in Europe in this game. It is one of the ones that generates the most eSports bets as it is so followed by users.

Fornite World Cup

It is the most important competition in this video game. The last final had more than 2.3 million viewers following it. Without a doubt, a recommended option to place Esports bets.

Call of Duty League

It is the most important league of this famous video game. It is a competition where Esports teams mainly from the USA participate.

The International

The most important competition in Dota 2 and one of the most followed in Esports. The best bookmakers allow you to bet on this exciting event.

The Different Types of Online Esports Betting

Esports bets also have different types and variants. This will depend on the video game in question where you decide to participate. Each video game has its own characteristics. Which can be used to bet on Esports. For this reason, the most common types of bets in electronic sports are the following:

  • First 10 Kills

    This bet is used in League of Legend (LoL). The user must guess which team will achieve the first 10 initial kills in the game.

  • Winner

    It is the most common and used by users. The objective is to predict the final winner of a game, tournament or league. This bet is compatible with all electronic sports offered by bookmakers.

  • First Blood or Casualty

    This is used in video games by teams such as DOTA 2, CS:GO, Call of Duty, among others. This type of Esports bet consists of predicting the team that gets the first kill. It is an attractive and interesting very short-term bet for users.

  • Match Winner

    Esports bet used for sports video games such as FIFA. You have to predict the team or player that wins.The NBA is one of the populer leagues in the United States and it’s a private league. It has a regular season, playoffs and finals, and is disputed by a total of 30 teams.

  • Map Winner

    In some strategy and shooting games like CS:GO, this bet is used. Being video games with several maps to play, you can bet who will win on that battlefield. This is a bet that should be studied well as there are teams that are better or worse on certain maps.

Tips to Win When Betting on Esports Online

When placing Esports bets we must take into account several factors for success. In the world of chance and betting there is no magic winning formula. However, there are some tips that can help you get closer to victory. For this reason, when betting on Esports we recommend:

Tip 1 - Be Patient

Esports betting is new to this huge industry. With Esports you must have patience when betting. You have to learn the concepts and variants of electronic sports. Study the game well, and if you fail, don’t get discouraged. Be patient and keep trying responsibly.

Tip 2 - Choose Your Fort

Choose your favorite video game or the one in which you have the most knowledge. Get strong with him and know him deeply; specialize in this. This will make many aspects easier for you when placing Esports bets. Since prior knowledge will give you a bit of an advantage.

Tip 3 - Meet the Players

Studying professional Esports players well will give you an advantage when it comes to betting. Know both the strengths and weaknesses of each player. It is an important point that will help you make better Esports bets.

Tip 4 - Vary the Bets

Don’t just focus on betting on one Esports player or team. Vary your bets and increase in different aspects. So, your chances of success when betting will be greater.

Tip 5 - Don't Always Play it Safe

Always betting on the favorite of a game is not recommended. We all have bad days, and in competitive games there are always surprises. Therefore, choose well when betting on Esports. Always considering all possible variables.


What are the best Esports betting leagues?

Esports bets each year grow more than the previous one in this industry. And all this growth is evident in the creation of great leagues and ideal tournaments to bet on. Currently there are leagues like Fornite World Cup. Which covers a significant number of bets. Similarly, each video game has important leagues and tournaments. All ideal for placing Esports bets.

How is a video game different from Esports?

Esports video games are designed to compete at the highest level. Behind these are professional players. Who dedicates time and responsibility. Esports gives seriousness, work and professionalism to the video games in question. All video games are created to entertain and have fun. However, those used in Esports add maximum competitiveness.

How can you win at Esports betting?

There is no magic formula that guarantees 100% success when betting on Esports. However, there are some tips that can help you increase your chances. Follow the recommendations that we leave here for Esports bets. In this way you can start to get good results. The key will always be patience and thoroughly analyze the odds.

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