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Most Common Basketball Betting Markets

The basketball betting market is one of the largest in sports betting. And, although we do not list all the possible markets available here, we will highlight the most important or common ones:

  • Bets to win
  • Bets on points
  • Handicaps/Margin of difference
  • Margin of victory
  • Markets More/Less
  • Bets on quarters/periods

Among several other markets. And, if you want to know more about these markets, we will give you a brief explanation below.

Bets to win

It is the most common market and its name says it all: betting on who we think will win. This bet is generally easy, but if you don’t do your research, predicting the winner will be difficult for you (since at least we have to know how the teams are doing during the season). This bet is great for starters in basketball betting since it doesn’t require any deep analysis.

Bets on points

A type of bet based entirely on statistics. And the intention is to predict the number of total points of both teams or a single particular team in a matchup.

In this market the league matters a lot. Because in leagues like the NBA the attack is privileged instead of the defense; Contrary to what happens in leagues like those in Europe. Thus, for the NBA the average is between 180 and 220 points per game between the two teams; while in university and European basketball, the average is drastically reduced to between 120 and up to 160 points between both teams.

In relation to the way of betting in this market. We must not get carried away by the tendency of one or both teams; since the average can vary between both teams, especially if they went into extra time in a match. While, another important variable is the average of points that has taken place between both squads, in the last confrontations.

Thus, if you intend to bet on the next game of the Nuggets and their average points in the last games establishes about 195 points; but, if in the last match they went into overtime and scored 245 points, this can affect the variable. Similarly, if in direct confrontations between teams there is an average of 185; but, one of the frames does not come with a good rhythm of the game, this can also affect the variable.

Handicaps/Margin of difference

Another of the most popular markets. When there is a favorite between the two teams, the points difference also can be predicted. Therefore, whoever is betting using this market, he supports the favorite. But, to understand it better, here we have the following example: Suppose the Celtics and Lakers meet. The Lakers are the favorites and the difference between the players is big in both teams. In this way, the handicap could reach up to +4.5 points, which means that the Lakers are favorites to win the match and by a difference of 5 points. And, if the prediction for the points is not fulfilled, although it is a safe and profitable quota, it cannot be claimed. However, if there is a tie or overtime, the bet can be canceled or it will also be combined with another selection.

margin of victory

Another classic option for basketball betting is More / Less or as it is also known Over / Under. A bet that can even be closely related to the handicap and total points. The goal is to predict whether or not the number of accumulated points will pass a certain barrier. In such a way that, if we find a couple of squads that are very effective, at the moment of scoring, we can bet on “Over 210.5 points”; ensuring that they surpassed that barrier of 210 points (in the same way we can predict in the opposite direction to less than that margin). Meanwhile, although it sounds like a simple betting option, we also need an in-depth study of the statistics of each of the teams that arrive at each confrontation.

Bets on quarters/periods

As we have already seen, basketball is a particular sport. Thus, although it is divided into four quarters or periods, teams manage certain strategies where they can score more points in a particular quarter or period. Thus, for this type of market, the objective is to guess in which quarter or period the most points are going to be scored (clarifying that this cannot be done in each quarter of a match). To add even more excitement, there are betting options that allow you to predict who may be the winner of that specific quarter. And, as in previous markets, study and analysis is required.

Why can odds vary so much throughout the day? If you think of a collective sport like soccer, logically, a significant loss can cause a change in odds. For example, in the Champions League tie between Liverpool and Barcelona, the losses of Salah and Firmino are so sensitive that the decrease in the attacking plot will surely vary the price of the bet. Liverpool is less likely to score goals without two of their three main attacking figures.

In basketball, the loss of a great player has an even greater incidence. There are players who get more than 30% of their team’s points on average and, obviously, this incidence will force the quota to be modified downwards.

How to Bet Online on basketball Matches

It is very easy today to place bets on basketball matches online. If you follow our simple step-by-step guide, you can place your first sports bet on your favorite team in just a few minutes.

Total time required: 10 minutes

  • Find Trusted Arabic Casino

    Step 1 - Choose One of the Top Bookmakers

    If you want to place sports bets, you must first decide on a provider that meets your requirements. In the list above you will find an overview of the best bookmakers for basketball betting.
  • Register Casino Account

    Step 2 - Create Your Betting Account

    As a new customer, you must create a betting account. You can then use this account to claim bonus offers and deposit money into the account for betting.
  • Make Deposit

    Step 3 - Deposit the First Betting Balance

    For placing bets, you need to have money in your account. There are many different payment methods available to you at the best bookmakers.
  • Enter Details

    Step 4 - Decide on a Match

    There might be an interesting match going on that you can place live basketball bets on right away. Alternatively, you can bet on upcoming matches early on.
  • Claim the Bonus

    Step 5 - Place a Bet

    When you have decided on a match you can place a bet with your preferred stake. For example, a win bet, a result bet or something else.
  • Start Betting

    Step 6 - Join the Speed Live

    For most basketball matches, the current result is displayed live at the betting provider. Therefore, when the game is in progress, not only can you follow live how your bet is doing, but you can also adjust your bet in real time and place new live bets.

What is Basketball?

Basketball is a team sport that can be played on both indoor and outdoor courts, in which two sets of five players each try to score points, also called baskets or doubles and/or triples, by introducing a ball into a hoop placed 3.05 meters above the ground from which a net hang, which gives it the appearance of a basket or basket.

James Naismith, a professor at the University of Illinois (Massachusetts) was the inventor of this sport. He has been given a task in 1891, to create an indoor sport, because the winter months in that area made it difficult to do any outdoor activity.

It is played with two teams of five people, for 4 periods or quarters of 10 minutes (FIBA) 4 or 12 (NBA) minutes each. At halftime normally there is a break of 15 to 20 minutes.

There is also a modality, fundamentally for the disabled, in which it is played in a wheelchair (wheelchair basketball), practically with the same rules as regular basketball.

The game was liked and was soon established in the United States. Mexico is the first country where it was first introduced because it’s the closest to the United States. In Europe, it came from the YMCA branches in Paris, France. But it wasn’t until the First World War that it gained momentum, mostly thanks to American soldiers playing in their spare time.

Basketball currently is one of the sports with the biggest participants and regular competitions in different countries around the world. NBA in the United States is considered the most prestigious competition for club basketball, as the Euroleague in Europe.

Major Basketball Tournaments

In basketball, just like in soccer, there are hundreds of tournaments around the world. Each country has its main league and lower categories, both male and female, in addition to European tournaments or international teams. It is one of the most popular sports and with the most leagues, but which are the main ones?


The Euroleague is a very important competition for basketball clubs in Europe. It is disputed between 18 teams in a round trip where the best 8 go to the playoff phase to play a quarterfinal, where the participants of the Final Four will be decided. The 4 winners of the previous series face each other at the final stage of the competition that’s called the Final Four. The winners of this stage face each other for the title.


The NBA is one of the populer leagues in the United States and it’s a private league. It has a regular season, playoffs and finals, and is disputed by a total of 30 teams.

Euro Cup

It is a tournament similar to the Euroleague, but at a lower level. It is made up of teams that do not have a license to compete in the Euroleague, such as those from Balkan or Eastern European countries. There are 24 teams in the group stage. The eliminating stages are quarterfinals, semifinals and the finals where the champion is decided.

Euro Basketball

Also known as the FIBA European Basketball Championship, it is the most important national team competition in Europe. It is disputed by 24 teams in the group phase and final phase (eighth, quarter, semifinal and final). It was held every two years until 2017, but after this year and till today every four years it has been held. 2022 will be the year of the Eurobasket, which will be played in September.

Basketball World Cup

It is the most important national team championship in the world, as it is played between teams from all over the world. Until 2019 it was held every 4 years, but since then it has been held in odd years. Asia (the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia) 2023 will host the next edition.

More Information of Interest in Basketball

Individual defensive data such as the number of blocks or steals help to know the teams with the best defensive numbers. With this, one can get used to the idea of the embedded points to know if the lines are too high to overcome them.

There are teams that have substitute players with a higher level than the starters. For example, this season it has happened with the Los Angeles Clippers. These data serve to be able to focus the bets from the second quarter, which is when they begin to play more minutes on the court.

You can bet on individual statistics (number of points, rebounds or assists of a certain player) and they are a very valid option if we study the defender that the player, I want to bet on will have in front of them.

There are times when the odds for the underdogs are so high that it is worth taking that risk, even if you don’t hit the bet. Those odds are almost impossible to hit continuously, but in the long run you can get a positive return.


Is betting on basketball legal in Arabic countries?

Betting on basketball or betting in general is not legalized in most Arabic countries, but players can bet online at licensed offshore sport betting websites.

How are basketball odds calculated?

There are two factors that determine the odds in basketball: the statistics and performance of each team; and the balanced profit margin (quotas not too high, so that the betting house does not lose, but not so low, as to be attractive to bettors).

Can I bet live on basketball?

Of course. Perhaps this is the most attractive feature in basketball: live betting. Since it is one of the most volatile sports and a wide variety of markets are configured, to keep us on the lookout as bettors.

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