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How To Get Started With Online Betting on Cricket

Is it hard to bet on cricket? You may think that it’s hard but actually it’s not that hard to make a good prediction. It’s the small things that always make the difference. The essential step is: finding the right bookmaker. Choosing the wrong one will lead to you losing all bets, not taking advantage of good betting markets or getting bad odds. 

What are the next steps?

The strategic plan for betting on cricket 

You need to know what to avoid, that’s the key for success. It may seem easy, but not complicating things is always better for beginners. Once you become experienced in this industry, you can start using more complex and maybe profitable strategies. How to start?

1. Get to know cricket

The first question you need to ask yourself before betting on cricket is: how much do you know about this sport? You need to know how this sport is played, to understand the bets you can place and how to bet on players. It’s like finding a good bookmaker. Betting using intuition doesn’t work well in cricket because cricket is a strategic sport and you need to approach it that way. 

What you need to learn?

  • About different formats and how they work  
  • Match Betting, Innings Runs, Top Bowlers, etc. These all are bets that are connected to each format.   
  • What are the top tournaments and when are they happening?

Watching cricket games is the best way to learn about this sport. Many bookmakers offer live streaming, so you can watch the cricket matches live and start learning. No need for rushing to place bets before knowing how to explain what cricket is. If you can’t explain it to a 6-year-old boy, then you don’t understand the concept. 

2. Finding the best odds 


So, you have chosen a good bookmaker, what’s next? finding good odds. That’s easy because all good bookmakers have a wide range of odds. The odds differ depending on the bet type. These are some ways to choose odds:

  • Odds are a measure of profitability not necessarily the outcome. A lot of players confuse the two. Often, they are based on public perception and bookmaker’s commission is included in them. So only use them for estimation (how much can you make).  
  • Bets with higher odds, pay more. So, find them. 
  • Always search for better odds. Discrepancy usually isn’t high, but it can make a difference if you are placing a big bet. consider using matched and arbitrage bets if the difference is so big. These will help you profit in some situations, avoid losses or break even. 

Something to remember: good odds will pay better. Odds are not a prediction of the outcomes; they are your bottom line. Always do your research before you bet instead of looking to win. You need to be objective when placing good bets. 

3. Listen to the experts 


When you are starting up, search for the best tipsters and check out how they do it, but do not use their predations for placing bets. It may seem that it’s the right movie but it could lead you to losing and not learning. See how they analyze teams and use their methods. Find out what works and what does not. That way eventually you will create your system that will separate you from the others. Here are some extra key tips: 

  • The weather is a key factor that affects the performance of a team, remember that. 
  • The pitch is also something to think about. 
  • A team’s format and injuries are things to consider.  
  • Check how teams played in the past. 

You need always to back your bets with facts, so leave your intuition out of the equation. Remember that! 

Bonus tip: Listen to the experts also when you are choosing the bookmaker. Cricket is a very popular sport in the world of sports betting and that’s why it’s offered by 99% of bookmakers worldwide. If you are coming from the Arab world, no worries, we will help you find the top Arab bookmakers. For example: YYY Casino always offers the best odds for Arab players. 

4. Make sure to have a support system (bankroll) 

At the beginning you’re likely to lose all the money on the first bet. That’s why you need to ask yourself: How Much Can I Spend on Cricket Betting? The chance of you losing is high and it will get lower as you get the hang of placing bets. Here are some tips to help you not suffer a financial crisis:

  • Decide how much you are ready to lose: $50? or $500? or $5,000? Your mortgage or rent, utilities, or other basic necessities money is not an option here, you only use money you don’t need. Money you can spend and forget. 
  • Put the betting money in a separate betting account, away from your other account. This way you will protect your savings and it will make it easy to add the winnings to the exciting money.