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How to Win Money at Roulette: 10 Tricks You Should Know

Can you win money playing roulette? It is what many players ask themselves, and it is not easy to find an answer. If you want to know how to win at roulette, don’t miss the 10 roulette tricks that we offer you.

Roulette is a game that cannot be missing in any casino or game room, whether physical or online, but, how to win at roulette? If we enter a casino, we expect to find several tables to play roulette; and in most cases, we have different variants available. The goal will always be to win, and many users are looking for the best tricks to win at roulette, be it French, European, or American. We are going to find out how to win at casino roulette and what are the best roulette strategies to do so?

The theory says that the bank always wins, and this is true to a certain extent. Before l, we may find a minor imperfection in roulette that can help us win, but in the online casino, looking for strategies to win at roulette, we must be clear that we will hardly be able to live on it. Only chosen few will be able to do it, our objective will be to add money to our bank in a game that, let’s not forget, depends on chance. In a physical casino we may be able to find a minor imperfection in roulette that can help us win, but in the online casino everything is in the hands of chance.

10 tricks to win playing roulette

Despite the difficulty of winning in a game where we face the bank and the casino, we can implement a series of tricks or strategies to win at roulette. Everything, without losing sight of the fact that there is no infallible roulette trick or system, and we will always be subject to whatever fate brings us, which is very capricious. But still, we can develop our method to win at roulette.

Try demo mode

Knowing the game is the first step to winning, and in this sense, one of the keys to winning at electronic roulette is to take advantage of the possibility of playing in demo mode to familiarize yourself with the table, and the mechanics of the game, and test our roulette strategies. Another possibility to play roulette for free is to do so by taking advantage of the no deposit bonuses or roulette bonuses offered by some online casinos. When this option is not available (live casino, roulette in casinos, or physical halls) we can observe the table and analyse the development of the games.

Roulette RTP

RTP is the three most important letters in any casino. As you well know, RTP is the initial Return to the player, the return to the player or percentage of recovery of the money played in the long term in the bets. In slots, the difference is more evident than in roulette, but even so, French and European roulette is more favourable for the player than American. The reason? The 00 of American roulette, is an additional box that makes it more difficult to guess where the ball will stop. Playing French or European roulettes we have more chances of winning.

In Prison and Le Partage

Another reason that makes European or French roulette more attractive to player interests is the application of the En Prisión and Le Partage rules, respectively, when the winning number is 0 and we have simple bets. It is a kind of insurance that reduces losses in those situations, and that can be very useful for the player. In American roulette, there is no rule as such that protects the player who has made simple bets if the ball stops at 0 or 00, although it is true that some have added the surrender rule that allows half of the bet to be recovered.

Know the types of bet

We have already talked about simple bets, but it is not the only type of bet that we can make. Multiple bets or call bets, also known as advanced roulette bets, can be placed, each with its variants; And if you want to know how to win at online casino roulette you should know all the bets and their payouts. This will help you to optimize your betting strategy, covering a percentage of numbers that makes it easier for you to win the game.

Inside bets are often more efficient

Depending on their location on the mat we have inside and outside bets. Outside bets cover more numbers and its suggested you these bets because with them it is easier to win. This can be good for casual players, those who play roulette occasionally and are looking for a method to win at roulette quickly. However, it is an unsustainable strategy in the medium and long term, since the real value is in the internal bets, bets on specific sectors of the roulette that will allow you to win more.

Roulette strategies

There are plenty of roulette strategies. Each one has its pros and cons, but you should be clear that there is no foolproof way to win at roulette. You have to be very methodical to execute the strategies that we will explain below in the letter, and generally, we need a large bank to implement them:

The Martingale: we play at 50% making simple bets, for example on red or black. The lost bet is doubled until it hits, when benefits are obtained, and it is reduced if we have won. You have to repeat the same bet over and over again for it to be effective.

The D’Alembert method: similar to the Martingale, it consists of adding a unit to the bet after a losing game and subtracting it if we have won. Again we will have to always repeat the same simple bet.

Fibonacci: an Italian mathematician designed a numerical sequence that adds the last two figures to obtain the next one (1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55…). Transferred to roulette, you have to play in each bet the sum of the previous two. It is very risky and dangerous for your bank.

James Bond: the 007 method consists of playing $200 betting $140 on the numbers from 19 to 36, $50 from 13 to 18, and $10 to cover the 0. You can take $160 (0), $100 (13 to 18), or $80 (19 to 36), but also lose $200 if the winning number is between 1 and 12.

Beyond these strategies, we have the reverse option. For example, in Reverse Martingale the winning bet is doubled and the losing one is reduced; and in the method against D’Alembert, we add a unit if we win and reduce it if we lose. Both these and the rest of the strategies have their flaws, and we should know them before betting.

Manage the bank correctly

Both in roulette and any other game of chance, bank management is essential to winning. It must be clear that the roulette strategies that we have just seen require a large bank, and if you do not manage it correctly you can squander it in a matter of minutes. And if the bank disappears, you will hardly be able to win playing the casino roulette. You have to know when to fold, whether you’re losing or winning, as streaks come and go.

Set game limits and losses

This leads us to our next point, limits. We must establish a limit on the bank that we are going to use in each session, and not exceed that limit under any circumstances. You should also not play to recover losses, since the only thing you will achieve is to increase them. Just as we limit the bank, we can set a limit on the number of bets that we will make or on the time that we will spend in front of the roulette wheel. It is the best way to control the game and make sure that we are 100% focused on it.

Once again, it should be emphasized that roulette is a long-term game, we cannot limit ourselves to thinking about immediate returns. What’s more, in the beginning, it is possible to lose money, since you still don’t control all the parameters of the game, but little by little you will start to recover and win money with roulette. Along the way, you will find obstacles, and constant losses are something unsustainable that should make you reflect on the situation and your roulette strategy.