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The 5 Richest Gamblers in the World

Welcome to Arabic Casino Blog. Here you will meet the 5 richest gamblers in the world we chose, and find out how they become so rich and famous. And maybe, after this list, we will together figure out what strategy the richest gamblers used while they were gambling.

Is gambling luck or skill?

We all know that gambling is not a reliable get-rich-quick scheme, but for some gamblers, this was one of the best things that ever happened to them. But, you have to remember that a lot of the richest gamblers were struggling and losing their money hundreds of times until they didn’t find a solution and started winning. These gamblers are just a few of the richest casino players in the world we singled out as the most interesting ones. So let’s begin with the Gamblers we choose.

The Biggest Gamblers in the World

Bill Benter – Horse Racing and Blackjack

Also known as the man who won 10 million dollars on an impossible bet.
Even though he studied physics, William or Bill Benter began his career as a professional gambler in Las Vegas thanks to the book „Beat the Dealer“. He saw an opportunity in gambling using his knowledge of physics and mathematics.
Bill started with playing Blackjack, but because he was so good at blackjack he was banned from the majority of Las Vegas casinos after seven years of winning. Then he moved to Hong Kong and focused on the horse racing market.
Benter perfected the formula for predicting horse races’ outcomes, and that helped him to create software for horse race betting. So, what we can say about him? Well, he is definitely one of the most successful gamblers thanks to his mind and luck or book? And, currently, he is believed to earn $100 million per year.
What a lucky man, don’t you think?

Edward Thorp – Baccarat, Blackjack

Edward Thorp is an American mathematics professor, hedge fund manager, and blackjack player. He is also known as the author of the book „Beat the Dealer“, where he uses math to prove that card counting can overcome the house advantage in blackjack.
Thanks to his book, many successful blackjack players have said this book is a significant stepping stone in their gambling success.
After many years of success in casino games, Edward became one of the richest professional gamblers. Now, his net worth is around 800 million dollars.

Phil Ivey – Poker

Phil Ivey also known as The “Tiger Woods of Poker” is one of the richest poker players in the world. He got a spot in the top 25 in the WSOP Main Event and won bracelets in the 2002 edition of the World Series of Poker.
For him, everything started when he was a teenager. Ivey regularly spent up to 15 hours a day playing with a fake ID. Because he was so inspired by legendary poker players and dedicated to the games, he kept a journal where he was taking notes on players, hands, and different situations that would help him in his game.
And that was a really good idea. When Phil Ivery turned 21, he fell in love with the tournament circuit and start winning and winning. At 23, he won his first WSOP bracelet. Since then, Ivey scored another nine throughout his career, raking in over $30 million, and made himself one of the best poker players. His net worth is $100 million.

Billy Walters – Sport betting

Billy Walters showed us that sports betting can really be profitable.
Billy started betting when he was just a child. Walters placed his first sizeable bet at age 10 on a World Series game between the New York Yankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers. He bet on the Yankees, and they lost. But that didn’t stop him to continue betting.
Because he wanted to focus on sports betting, he moved to Las Vegas and there he became one of the most successful sports gamblers. Also, he succeed in becoming an acclaimed poker player, winning the No-Limit Hold ‘Em tournament at the 1986 Super Bowl of Poker.
Although Billy had a very difficult childhood, he managed to rise as a champion and become what he is today. We can say this net worth is $200 million.

Tony Bloom – Poker and Sports betting

And last but not least, Tony Bloom is known as the Godfather of Gambling. It is believed that Bloom has accumulated wealth through developing online gambling and gaming websites, and thorough property and start-up investments.
His nickname is the Lizard because of his cold-blooded gambling approach. Bloom always knows exactly what he is doing and can keep a straight face while doing so. It doesn’t matter if he’s placing a small wager down or a million-dollar one, the only confidence he needs is his belief in his statistics and strategy.


In this blog, I tried to bring you closer to gamblers whose names will be forever in the history of gambling and who stood out among the rest for their winning, personalities, and amazing skills.
So, what is the best strategy for winning in gambling? Well, I think it is all about time, experience, learning, and skills. You have to be patient and smart. And maybe one day you will be just like these guys. What do you think?